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There are a lot of reasons for wanting to boot from an external drive. If you’d like to keep files synced between a desktop and laptop, expand your storage, or have a bootable backup copy of your system, there’s a hidden feature in Disk Utility that makes it easy. I have updated recently my MAC OS (MacBOOK PRO) from v10.11.3 to v10.11.4. (I use ATI 2016 for MAC Build #6038, and Acronis Boot media was working well with v10.11.3) After updated MAC OS to v10.11.4 I have build a new USB ATI2016 boot media to replace the previous one. BUT, now the new boot media is no longer selectable under the boot media menu.

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If you have Boot Camp installed on your hard drive to use Windows in addition to MacOS, you can back up and recover the entire disk, including Boot Camp. Bootability of both operating systems will be kept.

You need to back up the hard drive where Boot Camp is installed by using Entire Mac or My Disks backup source. The backup will contain all the data stored on the drive, including the Boot Camp partition.

If you use third-party drivers to write to the NTFS file system, stable operation of such drivers is not guaranteed when a backup is in progress.

If you use Parallels Desktop software to run Windows from Boot Camp, you need to shut down the corresponding Windows virtual machine before taking the backup with Acronis. Otherwise the backup may fail or will include Boot Camp in an inconsistent, unbootable state. The reason is that Parallels Desktop does not support snapshotting of Windows running from Boot Camp:


Although it is not possible to backup just the Boot Camp disk volume, it is possible to mark only Boot Camp for restoration.

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Acronis True Image 2021 Crack Build 30480 is the best and top software that is used for backup and recovery of your data, files and even the whole disk.It is just a matter of just one click to back up your data and protect you from viruses. This software provides a secure backup facility for all things on your pc like photos, videos, files, documents, whole drive, operating system, MAC OS.

When performing a recovery from an Entire Mac or a Disk backup, Boot Camp will also be restored.


If you clone a disk with Boot Camp, Boot Camp will be cloned along with other disk contents and bootability will be kept.

See Acronis True Image: How to clone a disk on Mac

Incompatibility with Windows (PC) version of Acronis True Image

Acronis True Image PC version is not compatible with Bootcamp partition. Use Acronis True Image Mac version to backup your entire Mac including the Bootcamp partition.

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I have an older Macbook in which the 250 GB drive is nearly full so I decided to replace it with a 500 GB drive and use the 250 GB drive in the optical bay with a caddy. For some reason I decided to use Acronis and backup the 250 GB drive and then restore it to the 500 GB drive by plugging the two drives serially into a hard drive bay on my Windows 10 PC. So now I have a backup file for the 250 GB Mac drive on an external hard drive, after which I unplugged the 250 GB drive and plugged in the 500 GB drive, and I hope to restore the 250 GB drive and its files to the 500 GB drive and make it bootable, and then put it in the conventional hard drive bay, and put the 250 GB drive in the optical drive bay. My Macbook is currently torn down. However, I can't understand the documented procedure for this process of restoring a mac drive OS to a dissimilar drive, especially the business about 'preparing the drivers.' That discussion seems to assume I'm restoring a Windows system to a dissimilar drive, which makes little sense to me. So I'm stuck with the 250 GB backup, and the 500 GB drive unformatted in the *Windows* drive bay, and my Macbook torn apart awaiting the reinstallation of both drives, but with the 500 GB drive in the conventional SSD place and the 250 GB drive in the optical bay. I know I should have used the Mac Superduper program to do this, but now I'm stuck using Acronis to do it. So what do I need to do or should I just give up and boot into the 250 GB drive after putting it in the optical bay and use the Mac's duplication program to dupe the old drive to the new drive and then reformat the old drive?

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Scott, ideally you should be using the Acronis True Image for Mac application running on your Mac for this type of disk migration. When using the Windows version of ATI you have the issue of how your Mac drive is formatted and how ATI will handle that drive when doing any backup & restore operation.

See the ATIH 2018 for Windows User Guide: Supported File Systems pages for what this product supports and handles unsupported file systems.

See also the ATIH 2018 for Mac User Guide: System requirements / Supported file systems for key differences in this area.

An alternative, (in addition to your own alternative of using the Mac Superduper program) might be to invest in a hardware dual docking station with cloning capability, where this does not care about drive formatting but will duplicate the contents of one drive to a second drive.

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If I install the 500GB drive in the SSD bay and the 250GB drive in the opitical bay will it automatically boot from the opitical bay rather than the SSD bay? I could then superdupe the 250GB bay to the 500GB drive and then, after a second boot to the new drive wipe the old drive and install Ubuntu as a dual boot system? Would that work?

Or do I have to physically swap the drives?

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Scott, sorry but you need someone with Mac experience to answer your questions, the last Apple computer I had (& still have up in my loft) was an Apple II+ from the 1980's vintage!

There is a dedicated Acronis True Image for Mac Forum where you can try asking such questions of other Mac users.

Acronis Boot Cd For Mac Os

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