Adobe Acrobat Xi Serial For Mac

Adobe acrobat xi pro serial

Adobe Acrobat XI Pro 11.0.22 for Mac Review. Portable Document Format is a special compressed document format to save a large amount of data in high quality. Adobe Acrobat XI Pro in Creative Cloud can handle PDF files like no other application can do. It provides all the editing and viewing options as well as supports creating PDF files from. 2 days ago  Adobe Acrobat XI Pro: 2. Adobe Acrobat XI Standard: 3. Acrobat XI pro: 4. Acrobat XI Pro 11.0.07: 5. Acrobat xi pro 11.0.08: 6. Adobe Acrobat 6.0 ML Mac Adobe Acrobat 6.0 ML Mac: 7. Adobe Reader XI Pro: 8. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC: 9. Adobe acrobat 11 pro 03 June 2017 10. Adobe Acrobat 9.0 Pro: 11. Adobe Acrobat DC 2017: 12. Adobe Acrobat x pro: 13.

To reserialize Acrobat with a different serial number using the Adobe Provisioning Toolkit Enterprise Edition (APTEE) tool.
Adobe acrobat xi serial for mac os
  • Acrobat DC
  • Acrobat Classic 2017
  • Acrobat Classic 2015

Follow the steps below to reserialize Acrobat with a different serial number using the APTEE tool (Adobe Provisioning Toolkit Enterprise Edition):

  1. Win
    Download the zip file and extract the Adobe_Provisioning_Toolkit_10_0_ALL.exe file.

    Download the zip file and extract the Adobe_Provisioning_Toolkit_10_0_ALL.dmg file.

  2. Open the Command Prompt (Win) or Terminal (Mac) as Administrator, and navigate to the location of the PRTK tool.

  3. Create a prov.xml file using the new serial key. Run the following command with administrative privileges in Command Prompt (Windows) or Terminal (Mac):

    adobe_prtk --tool=VolumeSerialize --generate --serial=<new serial number> --leid=<Acrobat LEID> --regsuppress=ss --eulasuppress [--provfile=<Absolute path to prov.xml>]

    Video converter mts for mac. Removed Streaming Server2. Added 'Get Starting' notification at program starting3. Optimized Main Interface color2. Other operational functionalities optimization, such as seek, interlace detecting, etc.Interface Optimizations:1.

  4. Unserialize the existing serial key using the following command:
    adobe_prtk --tool=UnSerialize --leid=<LEID> --deactivate --force [–removeSWTag]


    The return code for this command may be 0 or 29.

    • Return code 0 - License is deactivated successfully.
    • Return code 29 - License is already deactivated on the machine. If a user launches Acrobat post serial expiry date, the serial license is deleted from the machine.
  5. Reserialize Acrobat using the newly created prov.xml file. Use the following command:

    adobe_prtk --tool=VolumeSerialize [--provfile=<Absolute path to prov.xml>] --stream

Adobe Acrobat Xi Pro Serial Number Generator

Acrobat DC (ETLA serial key) - To be used only in unserialize command
Acrobat DC (ETLA serial key)
Acrobat Classic 2017V7{}AcrobatESR-17-Win-GMV7{}AcrobatESR-17-Mac-GM
Acrobat Classic 2015V7{}AcrobatESR-12-Win-GM

Adobe Acrobat Xi Serial For Mac Os

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