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PanFonePhone to Phone Data Transfer For Mac - Efficient Ways to Achieve Phone to Phone Transfer on Mac. Transfer contacts, messages, photos, etc between Android and iOS directly. Back up iOS or Android data to Mac and restore backup files to a new phone. Retrieve iTunes/iCloud backup to iOS or Android devices. An ideal Android Manager for Mac that serve as iTunes for Android owners to manage, organize media, contacts and apps on Mac without any troubles! Android Data Transfer is a lifesaver for: Android Fans - Dedicated one-click backup and restore phone data on Mac. Music Lovers - Instantly add music, video and photo for enjoy anytime. Data Transfer For Mac. One Click Phone to Phone Transfer on Mac. Full contents transfer contacts, messages, music, photos, videos, apps and more. Data backup and retrieve in lossless quality at any time. Recover iTunes/iCloud backup to iOS or Android devices. Sync iTunes Library and iTunes Music to device. Fully compatible with latest Android.

By Avery Pacheco, 16/08/2017, updated on 29/10/2019

Android Transfer - TunesGo stands out from the flood of so-called Android File Transfer software, which claims to be perfect with your Mac. However, most are apt to lead to some troubles like 'not working on Mac', 'no Android Device found' or others. If you intend to transfer data between Android and Mac or Androids, here is an alternative to Android File Transfer. Curious? Why not learn your way around it on your own.

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Part 1: Brief Introduction to Android Transfer - TunesGo

Android Transfer - TunesGo is a well-designed Android Manager compatible with Mac and WindowsPC. As a multi-functional program, TunesGo supports to transfer various content workable on different platforms, backup photos with one-click, make GIFs/ringtones and more ones waiting for you to discover. For detailed information, please read on.

Supported Data:

● Music/Ringtone

● Videos/Movies

● Photos

● Contacts(Currently supported on WindowsPC only)

● Text Messages (Currently supported on WindowsPC only)

● Apps

● SD Card Content

Supported Devices:

● Almost all Android Phones like Samsung, HTC, Nexus, Pixel and more

● Most models of iPhone/iPad/iPod like iPhone 7/7 Plus, 6s/6s Plus and more

● WindowsPC on Win10/8/7/XP

● All Mac supported running macOS X/Captain/Yosemite/Sierra

Part 2: How to Import Files from Mac to Android?

This user-friendly takes a few steps to help you get what you want from Mac. Even if you're not familiar with tech stuff, it's a cinch. Seeing is believing. Just move your eyesight down the following tutorial.

Step 1. Open Android Transfer - TunesGo

Above all, you should install TunesGo so that you can enjoy the convenience. Please give it a touch of the download button and start your trip. Then, launch TunesGo and hook up your Android to it on Mac. When detected, you can see the screen as below. There are four quick accesses on the right and you can click 'Details' to get a further knowledge of your smartphone.

Step 2. Select Desired Content to Move into Android

To import data in Android, please click on the type of desired content. Let's take 'Photos' as an example. Please select 'Photos' from the above items and preview the existing images on your device. Then, click on 'Add' and navigate to the pictures you want to transfer. Now, select one or multiple photo(s) and open to start transferring.

Part 3: How to Export Android Data to Mac or Another Android?

Also, Android Transfer - TunesGo allows to selectively export data from Android to Mac or another phone. If you want to back up all content to Mac with one click, you can go to 'Toolbox' and try the 'Backup' function. Or, try the selective transfer by the steps as below.

Step 1. Open Android Transfer - TunesGo on Mac and connect your device(s) to it.

Step 2. Select the desired type in the upper panel. For example, 'Photos'.

Step 3. Click on 'Export' button and you can see two choices - 'Export to Mac' and 'Export to the name of your another device'. Please select one in accordance with your need.

Part 4: Why Android Transfer - TunesGo is More Preferable?

So far, you might have a question in mind asking why you should opt to Android Transfer - TunesGo rather than other Android File Transfer tools. Yep, nice question. If interested, let me break down the keys to your puzzle.

1. Work for both Android and iOS devices.

Better yet, TunesGo can transfer data between Android and iPhone/iPad without any limitation. To be honest, enabling data transfer between devices of different OS totally beats other tools down. By the way, you don't have to be afraid that you cannot use the software after switching to iPhone or back to Android.

2. Well compatible with Windows and Mac OS.

Who knows whether you might switch to a Mac or go back to enjoy WindowsPC someday. But, the software wins both.

3. Support a variety of data.

Most used types of data are perfectly supported to transfer among Android, iPhone, computer, and Mac, including Videos, Movies, Photos, Contacts, Text Messages, Apps, Apps data.

4. Provide bonus features.

Android Transfer - TunesGo can do much more than you expect. Apart from data transfer, it can help you create your very own ringtone, convert images or videos to be GIFs, backup & restore important data, rebuild iTunes library, one-click root, transfer iTunes media to the device.

Android To Iphone Data Transfer For Mac

After all, the easiest way to get to know a thing is give it a shot. This best Android File Transfer - TunesGo is waiting for you. To try or not to try, that's not a problem.

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May 12,2020 • Filed to: Android Transfer • Proven solutions

When buying a computer or mobile device, you’ve really got plenty of options to choose from, each with their own set of features and specs, more specifically the operating systems. So, if you have devices with different operating systems, you already know that it can be tricky to transfer data between MAC and Android. But don’t break a sweat yet, because here are 4 great ways to copy data from MAC to Android including one that allows you to do a whole lot more, so keep reading.

Part 1. Transfer data from Mac to Android with dr.fone - Phone Manager

Perhaps the easiest and fuss-free way of transferring data from MAC to Android is with iSkysoft, and for several reasons. Is lineage 2 for mac. For starters, this feature rich software is billed as a one-stop solution to transfer data from MAC to Android and the best is between other OS platforms as well.

Further, it comes with an easy to use, intuitive interface that’s designed for both technical and non-technical users, and one that allows you to easily access a wide range of features and functions. In terms of compatibility, iSkysoft doesn’t disappoint with support for all devices, brands and operating systems including Samsung, the latest version of Windows and macOS.

With that said, here are a few of the noteworthy features of iSkysoft MAC to Android data transfer utility to help you decide if its right for you.

dr.fone - Phone Manager(android)

1-Click to Transfer Files between Android and Computer

  • Transfer photos in batches – with dr.fone-Transfer utility, you can say goodbye to the dauting task of transferring images and media files one by one. This is because it allows you to select and import data from MAC to Android in batches.
  • Transfer photos seamlessly – With dr.fone, you can transfer photos easily and without breaking a sweat from MAC and Windows to a wide range of Android devices including tablets. In this way, you can have all the pictures and media files and other documents readily available across all devices in just a few clicks.
  • Cross platform photo transfer – just like the name would suggest, this iSkysoft feature unavailable in leading software utilities including iTunes allows you to transfer media files and other documents from one OS platform to a completely different one. For example, you can copy data from MAC to Android and vice versa, again in no more than a couple clicks.
  • Supported files – Another great feature of dr.fone-Transfer is that no matter what type of photo file format you have, it can transfer it for you including in JPG, BMP, PNG, JPEG, GIF, FIT and other formats.
2,965,271 people have downloaded it

Android Data Transfer For Mac Windows 7

Is iSkysoft really that easy to use? Well, here’s exactly how it works and you can see it’s the best way to transfer data from Mac to Android.

Step 1 Download, install and launch the iSkysoft application, and then connect your Android device to your MAC computer.

Step 2 Now you will be prompted to select the files you wish to transfer from MAC to Android.

Step 3 And Voila, sit back, grab a coffee and watch your files being transferred from MAC to Android device. Take note that the time it takes to transfer files from MAC to Android with iSkysoft or any other software for that matter may vary depending mostly on the number of files being transferred in one go.

Part 2. Copy data from Mac to Android via Android File Transfer

Android File Transfer is an app by Google that allows you to browse files on your MAC and then transfer them to your Android device. To use, you will first need to:

Step 1 Download the application and then install it on your MAC, and then open AndroidFileTransfer.dmg.

Step 2 Move the Android File Transfer to Applications.

Step 3 Connect your Android device with your MAC using the appropriate USB cable.

Step 4 Open Android File Transfer.

Step 5 Then select the files you wish to transfer on your Android phone and confirm to complete the transfer to your MAC.

Android Data Transfer Free

Take note that unlike iSkysoft, you can only transfer files from your Android phone to MAC with Android with Android File Transfer and not from MAC to Android, which is yet another reason to use iSkysoft.

Android Data Transfer For Windows

Part 3. Sync Data from Mac to Android by Google Drive/Dropbox

Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive are all part of a long list of file storage and synchronization services, and since they work similarly to help you move data from MAC to Android, we decided to group them together. Before you get started with any of these services, you will have to sign up and download the application on your Android phone and have access to your website on your MAC computer.

Step 1 Start by opening the respective cloud storage service – Google Drive, OneDrive etc. on your MAC.


Step 2 Then upload the files you wish to transfer to your cloud based folder and wait for it to sync. This may take time depending on the number of files you wish to transfer and of course your upload speed.

Step 3 Once the files are uploaded and synced with the cloud based folder, open the respective app on your Android device, and then download them to the device. So, basically with this way of transferring files from Google Drive to Android, you are basically uploading and downloading the same files again.

Final thoughts:

If you cannot import data Mac to Android or were having trouble doing so previously, you now can tray any of the aforementioned ways to transfer data from MAC to Android. And you now probably also know that the bets way to make cross platform transfers is iSkysoft because not only is it easy to use, but also with a rich set of features to better manage your Android and iOS device.

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