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Apple products give students complete freedom of expression. IPad is so intuitive, anyone can instantly take an idea and run with it. Mac provides the power to pursue the most ambitious projects. Students can even start creating on iPad, then pick up where they left off on Mac. 1-16 of 344 results for 'macbook air student discount' Apple MacBook Air (13-inch, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD Storage) - Space Gray (Latest Model) 4.8 out of 5 stars 4,509.

Apple Promo Code For Students

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Apple Music student discount. Also available to students is a monthly discount on Apple Music, with the first three months completely free. Students can get a subscription to the service at $4.99.

Create engaging learning experiences for students at home. Learn more about resources to help learning at home

Every child is born full of creativity. Nurturing it is one of the most important things educators do. Creativity makes your students better communicators and problem-solvers. It prepares them to thrive in today’s world — and to shape tomorrow’s. Apple is constantly creating resources to help educators do just that. Not only powerful products, but also tools, inspiration and curricula to create magical learning experiences and make every moment of screen time worth it.

Products for Learning

Flexible tools that flex imaginations. Spark student engagement with new ways to learn.

iPad and Mac

Apple Macbook College Discount

Apple products give students complete freedom of expression. iPad is so intuitive, anyone can instantly take an idea and run with it. Mac provides the power to pursue the most ambitious projects. Students can even start creating on iPad, then pick up where they left off on Mac. And with all-day battery life, iPad and Mac keep going long after the last class is over.

Bring any project to life.
Any way you want.

iPad and Mac have versatile built-in apps like Pages to transform assignments, GarageBand to make homework sing and iMovie to put on a show. And the Swift Playgrounds app helps students learn the fundamentals of how to code.

Swift Playgrounds

Teaching Tools

Simplify the day-to-day tasks of teaching with apps designed to make the classroom more flexible, collaborative and personalised for each student.

Augmented Reality

Explore a constellation. Dive into the details of an iconic monument. Or create a virtual art gallery from anywhere. Augmented Reality apps on iPad let students bring digital objects into the real world to spark curiosity and enhance understanding.

Play DVDs using your built-in DVD drive or an external DVD drive, such as a SuperDrive. How to watch a DVD movie Preview your own movies You can use DVD Player to watch movies you created with another app, like Final Cut Pro. Dvd player for mac os x 10.6.8


Different ways to learn the core subjects. Help students think, experiment and learn through creativity and coding.

Everyone Can Create

Dive into project guides that integrate creativity in every subject through drawing, photography, music and video.

Teaching Code

Get curricula to teach the fundamentals with Everyone Can Code, or get right into designing and developing apps with Develop in Swift.


Inspiration and support for educators. Take teaching further and get help using iPad, Mac and apps.

Everything Apple makes for teachers. All in one place.

Find the latest resources designed by Apple to help teachers use technology and inspire creativity in the classroom.

Learn skills. Earn recognition.

Sign up for Apple Teacher, a free, self-paced professional learning programme for educators. Build skills on iPad and Mac that directly apply to teaching, earn recognition for the new things you learn and be rewarded for great work.

Follow us on Twitter @AppleEDU and join the conversation #AppleEDUChat to get a peek at some of the great things other educators are doing around the world.

Apple Mac Discounts For Students


IT and Deployment

Support to get up and running quickly. Find out how to set up and integrate Apple products into your school.

iPad and Mac are easy to set up, maintain and use. The Education Deployment Guide will walk you through every step of setup. Apple School Manager streamlines device management. And with thousands of powerful apps designed for teaching and learning, you can build a personalised learning experience for every student.

Apple Mac For Students Discounts Discount


Lead the way for creativity. Explore resources designed by Apple educators to help school leaders bring creativity into the heart of learning.

Books for Leaders

Our leadership series has strategies and practical tools to help you build a culture of innovation at your school.

Apple Distinguished Schools

See how the most innovative schools around the world are using technology to expand what’s possible for learning, create new opportunities for teaching and establish a dynamic environment that inspires both.

Apple Professional Learning Specialists

Bring APL Specialists to your school for extra support. They coach and mentor your educators in using technology to engage students in deeper learning.

The Impact of Creativity

When schools place creativity at the centre of learning, students thrive. Browse the research that shows how Apple technology helps teachers teach and students learn.

Students in creative classrooms show increases in critical skills.

Schools with iPad show increases in literacy, math and science scores.

Apple Values

Apple products are designed to empower every student. Find out how Apple keeps personal information private, adapts to the different ways students learn and protects the planet.


Every Apple product is built from the ground up to protect privacy. Including products built for education, like Apple School Manager, Schoolwork and Managed Apple IDs. We don’t create user profiles, we don’t sell personal information and we don’t share information with third parties to use for marketing or advertising.


Apple products are designed with accessibility features built in, enabling all people to learn and create in the ways that work best for them. Because technology is most powerful when it empowers everyone.


Apple Mac For Students Discounts

Every Apple product is designed to reduce our impact on the planet without compromising performance or strength. So we can leave the world better than we found it.

Learn to teach code.
Help students code like the pros.

The Develop in Swift curriculum has been completely redesigned to help students explore app development on a Mac — and code just like the pros, for a semester or for certification. The curriculum is now accompanied by a free online professional learning course to help more educators give students an opportunity to make an impact with code.

Resources that help enable learning anytime, anywhere.

Discover a collection of apps, curriculum and resources for IT, teachers, students and parents that bring engaging learning experiences to any environment.

Get special pricing on personal purchases for educators.

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