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The world's best games for Mac OS X. Come and enjoy games for mac presented FREE and available for all macOS computers. UTorrent for Mac. UTorrent is one of the most popular and widely-used clients for both Mac. Torrents for mac free download - Els Torrents, Kickass Torrents, WinZip Mac, and many more programs. Best Apps Popular Apps. Utilities & Operating Systems Video Software Games Educational. Jan 25, 2008 There are also private torrent trackers specialized in Mac content, you'll want to search through r/trackers for more info on those. Or if you're asking about general non-torrent download sources for that content then you'll want to search/ask in r/filesharing, r/DigitalPiracy, or r/Piracy. After more than 16 years, The Pirate Bay remains afloat. After suffering substantial.

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Torrent, named after BitTorrent, is a file sharing protocol which allows files to be fragmented and downloaded from multiple sources called peers. Although the word “torrent” has been long associated with illegal piracy and forbidden files, the torrent file itself is simply an instruction set of where to find those file fragments, so they can come together to form a whole. All the fragments are hosted by other computer users connected to the torrent network, such as yourself.


Best torrent clients for Mac

Get a huge set of downloaders for your Mac. Best utilities in one pack, give it a go!

It might sound complicated, but peer-to-peer is actually a very smart and efficient way to share files that don’t rely on single servers or private storage. Mac Torrents are no different to their PC or Linux counterparts. The only thing that isn’t the same is the choice of torrent clients themselves.

What is a Mac torrent Client?

As torrents became popular, the stigma around their use was diminished. Users worldwide were surprised at how quickly they could download files without experiencing the paywall or slowdown of traditional file-sharing systems.

To start downloading files through torrent, you just need to download and install a torrent client (software). The torrent client will then follow the instructions given in the torrent file to complete your download. Think of it like a download manager, specifically built for torrent files.

Torrent Mac clients come in different shapes and sizes, but all ultimately do the same thing — download files (called leeching) or upload files (called seeding). The right torrent client for you depends on your needs. You can opt for small and simple, or look for something more complex boasting advanced features. Downloading and installing a torrent client isn’t illegal per se, but all users should be wary of some nuances.

Is a torrent downloader for Mac legal?

Although torrents have historically been seen as illegal file-sharing systems, they are not inherently illegal at all. Torrent clients have many legitimate uses, including the sharing of open-source software or publically available files. The advantage of using a torrent client in these situations is potentially faster download speeds, especially if you use the best torrent downloader available.

Assuming the files you’re downloading aren’t subject to copyright or distribution laws, there should be no cause for concern. Conversely, if you’re using the torrent client to download files that you’d normally have to pay for, you may be breaching legislation, depending on the jurisdiction you reside in.

What to look for in a torrent Mac client

When it comes to reviewing a torrent downloader for Mac, there are a few considerations to take into account. At a high level, a basic user who runs the torrent client to download files infrequently will be happy with the most basic, lightweight app, and they don’t necessarily need the best torrent software. Those who wish to contribute and share their own files, or spend a lot of time downloading and uploading, might want to enjoy some of the advanced features available. For example:

  • Bandwidth limiters allow you to throttle your download or upload speed to ensure your internet connection remains available for other tasks, or to ensure you don’t use all of your internet data.
  • Magnet URI functionality lets you begin your Mac torrent download from a link rather than physically downloading a torrent file first.
  • Encryption helps to mask the torrent activity to throw off your ISP monitoring and enjoy full-speed downloads in the case of ISP throttling.
  • Superseeding enables you to become an uploader much faster after a download, but carries a risk of failing the upload if there’s only one downloader on the other end.
  • Pricing can either turn on some advanced features, extra security, and ensure no advertising, or offer you a basic torrent client for free.

As you can see, most of the features separating various torrent clients are generally of a more pro-level nature. For the majority of basic users, they are less important than the look and feel of the torrent app. So what’s the best torrent client for Mac? Let’s dive into the pros and cons of the most popular Mac torrent clients so you know where to pull the trigger.

BitTorrent and uTorrent

BitTorrent for Mac is one of the original torrent clients designed to implement the BitTorrent protocol. It comes with the advantage of many years of experience and updates under the hood.

Strangely, BitTorrent also owns and operates uTorrent, another leading client. At face value, they are essentially the exact same software, right down to the user interface.

The key difference between the two apps is that BitTorrent for Mac only releases stable, tested versions, whereas uTorrent releases alpha and beta versions for those who wish to test out the latest features before everyone else. The early releases can beg the question: Is uTorrent safe? When it comes to subscribing to alpha and beta builds, it’s a matter of buyer beware — best for advanced users.

Another key difference is that uTorrent is slightly smaller than BitTorrent, and therefore easier to launch and less taxing when running a Mac torrent download. Hp laserjet 3015 driver.

Generally speaking, uTorrent still might be the better option for basic users who download torrents infrequently, simply because of its simplicity and lightweight build. Just hope those betas are stable enough!


Best Game Torrents For Mac
  • Small and lightweight
  • Ability to schedule downloads
  • Long history of reliable updates


  • Contains ads (!)
  • Both clients are susceptible to some security issues

Vuze and Vuze Plus torrent for Mac

If BitTorrent and uTorrent are the small, lightweight clients that get the job done — Vuze is created for the more advanced user who wishes to enjoy extended functionality.

The key difference here is the ability to add plugins for new features. Vuze comes in two versions. The first is Vuze Leap and the second Vuze Plus, which is essentially the same except for professional virus protection and the ability to preview files as they are downloading. Vuze Plus is also a paid client with all ads removed.

Vuze in general is likely a more suitable candidate for tech-savvy users who wish to take full advantage of the expandable plugin functionality. When set up correctly, it can be a top candidate for the best torrent downloader for Mac.


  • Expandable functionality through plugins
  • Simple interface that borrows from the best
  • Vuze Plus features added security


  • Contains banner ads unless in paid version
  • Two versions can lead to confusion

Folx Pro – the best torrent client for Mac?

Folx Pro is a paid torrent client, which means there are no ads and it comes with some great security measures right out of the box. Folx covers all of the basic features you would want in a torrent client, including scheduling. You can even search for new torrent files to download from within the client, instead of having to browse the web.

Additionally, Mac users will appreciate the look, which takes after macOS and feels right at home. The interface is beautifully simple — refreshing after the added visual noise of competing Mac torrent clients.

Downloading with Folx Pro is thus even simpler than with other apps:

  1. Use the top search bar to type in your keyword and hit Return
  2. Wait for all results to show up
  3. Choose the appropriate file and click Download on the right-hand side


  • No ads whatsoever
  • Built-in security measures
  • macOS-inspired design


  • Paid version only

Maintain your security at all times

One of the most important considerations to keep in mind when downloading torrent files is the risk of viruses or malware. Because there’s no single owner or distributor of the file at hand, it’s very easy to upload malicious files and escape the liability or consequences of doing so. Often, hackers will hide malicious software or scripts in popular torrent files. In these cases, it’s best to try to download torrent files that are distributed from a trustworthy source. Additionally, the best torrent software should come bundled with some security measures.

Best Game Torrents For Mac Download

In any case, it’s a good idea to always scan your Mac for viruses. Thankfully, there’s an easy to use app called CleanMyMac X which will not only scan your system and quarantine malicious files but also optimize your Mac and help you properly configure your privacy settin

To quickly check your computer after every torrent download with CleanMyMac X:

  1. Open the app and navigate to Malware Removal tab under Protection in the sidebar
  2. Click Scan and wait for the process to finish
  3. Remove any malware found

Now that you know what Mac torrent clients are and some of the features to look for, you’re ready to get started with your unlimited file sharing. It’s recommended that you lean on the side of caution though, so a paid torrent client is your best bet.

Thankfully, you can try both Folx Pro torrent app and CleanMyMac X virus scanner for free during a seven-day trial with Setapp — a subscription service for Mac that grants you access to more than 150 indispensable apps to enrich your digital life. What are you planning to download now?

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If you are interested in playing games on your multiple digital devices, then it is best for you to download them to your devices, which will enable you to play games without time buffering or worrying about internet speed. So you can turn to the best torrent sites for game download! Then you can practice the game and later on challenge anyone of your friends for an interactive session enjoying to the utmost. There are multiple sites where you can download games, but not all are the best and some of them can even harm your device as they are often infected with the virus. You should always download the best sites, so here we will provide for you a list of the best game torrenting sites in 2019 to download and enjoy games!

1. Zooqle

Zooqle was earlier known as Bitsnoop, which is a perfect web crawler to find the best torrents. One can download videos, high-definition movies of Hollywood as well as Bollywood, audio books, and software on this PC game torrent site. One will be able to find almost all his/her favorite games that can be played on laptops and PCs to enjoy playing them. This site is free to use, so you don’t need to pay for downloading these games form it. One can search through categories using the site’s search engine and find the desired game. It has more than 3 million files in its database, so you certainly can download your desired game.

Tip: When you want to record the exciting and excellent game process with other gamers for your later offline playback, then you can use the top 5 free screencasting software for Windows! And after that, when you need to play the game video on different devices, you need to convert video formats with the help of Jihosoft Video Converter which is aimed at converting videos to all popular SD and HD videos such as 3GP, AVI, FLV, MOV, MP4, M4V, MPEG, MKV, RMVB, TS, VOB, H.264, HD WMV, DivX, XviD, etc.

2. Brave Browser

It is one of the best browsers for gaming, and on this site, one can play games 8 times faster than on any other website. The additional advantage of it is blocking the charge for irrelevant content as well as the absence of ads and trackers. It can be used in any type of device irrespective of the screen size and is free to use and you can even earn reward points as you use and redeem them later.

3. 1337X

It is one of the popular torrent websites for game download and many other entertaining movies, music, web series, and even comics. The interface is very user-friendly, and the easy search options allow you to find games and download them without any bottlenecks. The site is free to use and restricts you to pay for the downloads. It has a peer-to-peer file sharing option, and one can use it through proxies too.

4. isoHunt

As one of the best peer-to-peer torrent websites, isoHunt allows you to download various types of media, including games. One will be able to find almost all the games when browsing through this website, which is very easy. The advanced search options allow finding games without losing much time. It is ranked 5th as per the popularity of searching and downloading games and at times it is browsed by 40 million visitors.

5. 01Torrent

If you are looking for the latest game, anime, movie or music, then 01Torrent which functions as one of the best game torrenting sites should be a destination for you to search for games. It is one of the most reliable sites to download games, and you would get games like GTA V and many more. Use your PlayStation, Android phone, PC or Mac to download these games for free. No registration is needed for this site, and one can straightaway download them.

Best Game Torrents For Mac 7

6. GameTrex

It is a game download website allowing users to download games for free which are sorted as per the category. One can find games from retro to the most modern and download them on your PC to enjoy. It is considered to be the best site for game lovers, and if you do not find your game which is a rare occasion, you can put a request for the game, and the administrator will upload it then.

7. Kickass Torrents

This PC game torrenting site is commonly known as KAT and is one of the veterans in respect of torrent searches. It is a mighty search engine, and one can get tons of games, music, movies or series downloaded using uTorrent. You will be able to get some of the games for downloading that no other site will provide and the resolution of them is perfect. The site is free to use.


With RARBG one can browse for torrent files to download games and other media resources and enjoy them. Although one needs to go through a one-time registration process which is a bit long after the first registration, things are completely smooth and flexible. It is also a peer-to-peer file sharing host, and one can download diversified games online and play them. The site is free to use. Besides, if you can’t visit RARBG at times, then you can turn to the best alternatives to RARBG instead!

9. LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents is one of the verified BitTorrent websites from which one can download games, movies, series, and software. No registration is needed, and it is very straightforward to use. Get thousands of games by browsing this website and download them to enjoy playing. It is the best backup source for your purchased games as you will find a wide collection of games. Using by anyone is free.

10. Dirty Torrents

Do not be surprised or think otherwise with the name of this torrent website for game download. You can identify other websites trying to download from the huge collection of games. Get the latest games in a flash and download them by easily clicking the links. Name the game in the search engine, and you will be able to get the link to download for free and enjoy. Even you can know the details about the publication of the game. The site is free to use by anybody and needs no registration.

11. Games World

If you are looking for games to be played on your desktop or PC, then this torrent site is perfect for visiting to download games. The registration process is optional, and one can download games free without registration. The links of games are not broken, and the site is virus free. Stay relaxed as your device software will not be damaged while downloading games from this site. It is a free torrent site.

12. CroTorrents

CroTorents is the best torrenting site especially for game downloads. One can get the latest games along with the updates, features, and specifications. One can access more than 100 stream games by visiting the page, and one will be surprised to see its collection. The site is virus free and is very fast and flexible to use. The wide range of games will keep the gamer busy playing them. The site is free to use.

Best Game Torrents For Mac 7

13. Skootie Games

If you are looking for the latest online games and want to play and download them from torrent sites, you will not want to miss Skootie Games. Browse the site and download games after searching them according to the genres like fighting, adventure, action, and many more. With a single link option, you will be able to reach the game and download it free. The site is ad-free, and one can see the game setup size as well as special requirements if any before downloading the game. The site is free to use.

14. PC Games Lab

If you are concerned with your memory space while downloading games, then it is best to download them through PC Games Lab, and you will be able to get a full compressed version of the actual game. Get the racing games, adventure games or arcade games of your choice and download them at lightning speed in compressed form to your PC and enjoy playing. The site updates games regularly, and one can download the latest version. This PC game torrenting site is free to use.

15. The Pirate Bay

TPB or The Pirate Bay is one of the biggest torrent sites where one can download nearly 10,000 new files every day. One can download games free from this website searching from the huge collection apart from movies and applications. It has grown strength to strength from its initial days of inception and now is one of the most visited and popular torrent websites. One can get the download speed details giving the options to choose the perfect link to download games and enjoy playing.

Tip: Looking at the full article, still feel that these sites can’t satisfy you? Don’t worry, click on the link to this article about the best 10 torrent search engine sites and you will find out more!


Thus, visiting the above best 15 torrent sites for game downloads, one can have a lovely experience of downloading games as all are free without any virus. One should always visit these websites to download their favorite games and enjoy playing them.

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