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Are you looking for Best Printer For Mac then you are at the right place as we will be telling you what is the Best Printer For Mac that you can get in 2020.

Initially in the market, there were only a few printers that were available in the market which could connect to Mac.

The printer’s paper handling capacity includes a 250-sheet tray and a one-sheet tray for all your one-off printing of off-sized media like envelopes. It also has an output rate of 22 papers per minute. The LBP622CDw’s connectivity tools include Ethernet (1000Base-T), Wi-Fi, USB connectivity to one PC via a USB 2.0 port as well as Wi-Fi Direct. Our review examines the models with the best overall value in 2020. This value was calculated using a mix of price, quality, features, durability, and some more characteristics that are important for a good printer. Best All in One Printer for Mac 2020 1. Epson Expression Premium XP-6105.

But as the technology has developed and inventions have also improvised, there are now more printers available in the market which could connect to Mac and looking at the number of Mac users just increasing, a printer which is good at working is very much important.

Most of the printers now apart from all in one printer (AIOs) are shipped with macOS drives that come with a disc for the process of installation In case of a Mac device.

Nearly, these days all printers function on Mac equally as they function on any Windows 10. To just test a printer, one can check its functions on a Windows 10 device as well as they are now yielding at the same speed.

There is an item named Bonjour Protocol, which makes the configuration on any printing device easier and also allows these devices to be compatible with Mac devices as well. One can configure the printers without this protocol but it’s much easier to do it with the installation of Bonjour.

There are several printers in the market which are now configured with Mac but do not give a good quality print out or after a while get spoiled. Here in this article, we will provide some of the best printers for a Mac user.

Following are the 10 best printer for mac that you can get for your mac device.

10 Best Printer for Mac in 2020

1. Canon PIXMA TS8350:

Best Pick

Canon PIXMA TS8350

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This is a sophisticated Mac- friendly printer usually for creative purposes. The 3-in1 inkjet printer is the best product available in the market right now and is known for its great specifications and characteristics.

It has become a very popular and well-known model in the market as well. To enhance its colorful print, the model has a set usage for 6 cartridges. The photos have a beautiful resolution of about 4800 x 1200 DPI.

It also has AirPrint connectivity which helps Mac users. Plus, it has a slot for SD cards which are used by photographers. It allows printing of both pages, scams at a high resolution.

This printer is of a perfect size and easy to carry around. It is a touch screen printer with a good display and touch. It has a paper capacity of 100 pages and prints A4 size pages only.


  • It has space for 6 inkjets and great resolution
  • It has great connectivity as well with WiFi and Ethernet
  • It has an attractive design and is compact in size as well

Word for mac 15.13.3. Cons:

  • It is quite expensive
  • The paper tray is very small

2. Epson Expression Premium XP-6105:

Best Epson Pick

Epson XP-6105

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This printer with its three in one size has now become a compact printer shaped of a size of a square. It is well connected to Mac with the help of WiFi, WiFi Direct, and AirPrint.

It does not need any Ethernet or USB cable to connect making it wireless. It has numerous features such as duplex printing, USB, and an SD slot.

It also is able to print out pictures with great clarity such as from blank CDs to glossy pictures on A4 size sheets. It is not a touchscreen but is easy to use and printing quality is great as well. A4 size paper pages can only be printed from these printers.

Best printers for macbook pro


  • It is a compact design and can print with amazing quality
  • It is very affordable and available at great price with all the features mentioned above
  • It has great connectivity with WiFi and AirPrint


  • It has to be used by cartridges which are very expensive
  • There is no touchscreen available for this

3. Brother DCP-J774DW:


Brother DCP-J774DW

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This printer has a bundle of features such as auto-duplexing and cloud printing. All of these facilities are available in one compact printing. The printer has great connectivity since it has several USB ports available, an SD card and WiFi or WiFi direct.

The only backlog is that it is a little slow printer. The printing is crisp and consistent. It as well appears on a glossy paper making photos look very attractive. It has a paper capacity of about 100 pages and can fit only A4 size pages.

In short, this 3-in-1 color inkjet printer is very versatile for Mac users, economical, and versatile. These have characteristics suitable for a small to the medium business world.


  • It has great connectivity and features such as printing on glossy papers
  • It is very compact, lightweight and affordable as well
  • It has cloud printing features and is very attractive and good design


Best Printer For Macbook Air

  • It is a little slow printer and has a low capacity of pages that can be filled
  • It has a no Fax facility as well

4. Epson EcoTank ET-Mq1120: Best All In One Printer for Mac

Best All In One Pick

Epson EcoTank ET-Mq1120

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This is a momo cartridge device and it includes enough ink to print about 6000 pages. The refilling of the cartridges for this printer is much cheaper than buying new ones.

This design printer was awarded as the best printer because of its great features and simple design and working. It is compatible with Mac devices in a great way since it works fantastic with AirPrint and the iOS companion app.

It is a little slow in printing and can only print out 150 pages at the capacity of the printer. The maximum paper size it can print is of A4.


  • This is a very economic printer
  • It is made of simple and attractive design


  • It has quite a slow printing speed
  • The initial printer cost is high which is not worth it

5. Epson Expression Home XP – 2100:

Best Overall Pick

Epson Expression Home XP – 2100

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This is a great economic printer that has all the facilities in one such as print, scan, and copies in color giving it a decent and fair amount of resolution. This is now available at a decent price.

It has great connectivity since it is inbuilt with WiFi and AirPrint making it compatible for Mac users. Epson iprint is also available for printing from iPhones or iPad.

There is no auto-duplex or LCD which makes printing limited. There is a limiting capacity of about 100 pages and can only print A4 pages. Here the cost of replacing cartridges is expensive as well.


  • It is available at a very affordable price with the facilities
  • It has great connectivity of AirPrint and Ethernet


Best All In One Printer For Mac 2019

  • It is quite slow at printing
  • It has a lack of auto-duplex making it lack of printing of media

6. Canon Pixma G5050: Best Wireless Printer for mac

Best RunnerUp Pick

Canon Pixma G5050

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This is a cost-effective printer with cartridge less system. It has cartridges which are refillable making it very economical.

It slashed the per page costing the ink is enough for 6000 black and white and 7700 color pages. It has a slow printing speed but with its facilities such as a capacity of 350 sheets and a high ink yield, it is all worth it.

It is inbuilt with WiFi and auto-duplex and also making it compatible with Apple users and their companion applications. It has great connectivity


  • It has a high page yielding and is cost-effective
  • It has great connectivity and the ink costs are low
  • It has a great design and features supporting Apple users


Best All-in-one Printer For Mac 2020

  • It is very expensive
  • The printing speed is quite slow

7. HP ENVY PHOTO 7164:

Best HP Pick


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This colour inkjet printer is highly compatible with Apple users. One can directly print from iPad and iPhones. Due to the amazing AirPrint feature one needn’t worry about transferring pictures from their iPhone to Mac.

This has several features unlike other printers such as borderless printing and it has a separate photo paper tray to Wireless Direct printing and it can instantly replace ink service. It has a paper capacity of 125 pages and is lightweight as well.

It can print both color and black and white. It can only print pages up to certain size which is 8.5 by 14 inches.


  • It has an AirPrint feature
  • It can print amazing photo clarity with seamless borders
  • It can print at a quite fast and good speed


  • The tri-color ink crashes after a while
  • It has a comparative less printing page capacity

8. HP TANGO X: Best Laser Printer for Mac

Best Laser Printer Pick


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This color inkjet printer has been specifically designed for Mac and Apple users. This printer has a lot of interesting features to attract customers. It is a pretty compact and portable printer. This printer is lightweight as well.

Their AirPrint quality and control are commendable. It also requires no extra USB or drives connections for its set up hence making it a wireless printer. All that one needs is to install the HP Smart app on their device to print, scan, or copy as per their choices.

It is also a very affordable printer with all features in one. It has a paper capacity of about 125 pages only with great printing speed.

This printer like the one above can also print pages up to a certain limit which is 8.5 by 14 inches. This is a printer which is perfect and compact suited for small spaces.

It is small and spiffy. It also has a unique feature of voice control and smart home features. It gives unique free snapshot printing angles. It is a great competition for several printers.


  • It has a great printing speed
  • It is very lightweight, compact and portable


  • It is not a cheap printer through affordable compared to other printers
  • It has very less printing capacity

9. HP COLOR LASER 150nw: Best Printer For Mac

Best HP Pick


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This is a small and simple laser printer exclusively for Mac users. It has great design and compact. It lacks several features such as LCD and no front USB ports. It has only some basic features.

One of the disadvantages being that printing on both sides of the paper is not doable here. If one wants to print a basic A4 size paper then this is perfect for them as it is cheap and handy. It lacks auto duplex and also great clarity and photo of media control.

The after effect cost of the printer is minimized due to the laser printing facility. It has decent compatibility by having features of WiFi and AirPrint which are inbuilt.

It can connect to Mac or any iOS easily. It comes up with a USB cable box as well. It has a slow printing speed and can print 150 pages at one capacity That is only A4 size only.


  • It is small in size and compared to other printers is cheaper
  • It has AirPrint and Ethernet making it decently having good connectivity
  • It is a great laser printer


  • It has no auto-duplex or display and is not lightweight
  • Has a very low amount of page capacity

10. Canon Pixma G4510:

Best Canon Pick

Canon Pixma G4510

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This 3-in-1 color inkjet printer has a much higher page yield and low page cost. It is great at connectivity since it has WiFi and AirPrint so it can easily print and connect to the Mac or any Apple companion applications.

It can auto duplex and also has the facility of automatic document fees and can fax easily as well. It is lightweight and has a page capacity of 100 and a paper size of aboutA4. It has a good printing speed as well.

Best All-in-one Printer For Macos Catalina

For higher quality of printing, one can just add two additional printing cartridges. It also has features such as two paper input trays, Bluetooth 4.0, and SD card support. It produces exceptional texts, graphics, and photos.


  • It has great connectivity due to WiFi and AirPrint
  • It has low ink cost as well and prints at a great speed
  • It has plenty of ink in the first to print and is lightweight


  • It is not so affordable
  • It also has a small display

Which is the best printer for mac

Above all are the best Printers that are compatible with Mac and work great. These printers are the best available at the market now. These printers include a group of PostScript printers and as well as non-Postscript models that are capable of graphics and photos of high quality.

Several Mac users their device for graphic purposes and all and some require it for their daily working activities. All these come under the options given above. These printers are the top-notch printers available with all the facilities as per the consumer’s choice and from various high to low price ranges.

The Stand out a printer for Mac is the one that is very compatible and also prints fast without any disruption, has great features, and amazing printing quality which is available at very competitive pricing.

Who should purchase these printers?

If one decides to purchase a printer their basic factor should be the necessity for them to buy one. If an individual is working from home, in a co-working space, or is situated in an unaffiliated place, hence it is necessary for them to buy a printer of their choice.


These days printers do much more than just basic printing documents. This article will show the other features of what a printing machine can do and it’s the best product in the market and pricing.

Having a printer at home can be more economical at times and very useful for those who usually work and have children who are in school and have projects and assignments submissions.

Things to consider before buying the best printer for mac:

  1. Footprint: The place where the printer will be situated is very important. One should check the size of the printer and as well as the space of the desk. These days there are several compact printers in the market hence it is important to check the size of the table and the printer
  2. Connection: This innovative and technology world has now changed its views. Now not everything is attached with wire. Something’s can be just attached to other connectivity issues like WiFi and Bluetooth. It is much safe and less of a mess when there are no cables.
  3. Capabilities: A printer these days can do multiple jobs such as scan, copy, and print in great photo qualities and different pages. If one just buys a basic normal printer they are just not using the market wisely and getting conned with such limited facilities and high pricing.
  4. Inkjet or Laser: There are several different kinds of printers of which they are Inkjets or lasers. Inkjets are far more versatile whereas these Laser ones are more expensive than the rest. Lasers are more suited for a high volume of workload and when there’s a need for greater clarity of pictures.


Printers these days are very useful. One cannot always go outside to print in shops. One could need printouts at any point in time and shops or stores could not be open. Hence not to be so reliable one can always buy printers.

The first print mentioned in this article is the best for those who are into graphic designs and want high quality picture printing pictures. This article shows all the best printers that are available for Mac users.

It has become difficult for Mac users only to rely on some printers. It was impossible as they only had some printers and they also didn’t have all the quality of what they wanted a printer to have.

Not all the printers are compatible with Mac based systems. To help you save time and money in researching best printer that works with Mac, I have shortlisted ten best Wireless printers compatible with Mac operating system including latest versions Mac OS high Sierra, OS X El Capitan or Yosemite. The list of Mac printers consists of a laser, inkjet, All-in-one and standalone configurations. Depending on the application and your needs, you can pick the Mac printer that matches your speed or volume of printing requirements. By utilizing my more than twenty years’ experience in IT industry, I have thoughtfully handpicked these printers compatible with Apple Computers and Mobile devices.

Reviews of 10 Apple Compatible Printers

1 Epson Expression Premium ET-7700

This is a cartridge free wireless inkjet printer that you can use with MacBook Pro, iPhone, iMac or iPad. The printer comes with large ink tanks with five different colors. The one-time full tanks deliver 14000 black sheets and 9000 color print-outs. This Epson photo printer comes with a dedicated photo and normal paper trays for hassle-free handling. It has a large 2.7 inches LCD screen for previewing the print before giving the print command. With inbuilt card and USB slots, you can print directly from a USB drive or memory card without transferring them to the computer. This is definitely an economical and one of the best Apple compatible printers in the long run with lowest print-cost per page. Check More Details & User Reviews

2 Brother Compact Monochrome Laser Printer

This is one of the best black and white laser printer from Brother, a leader in Laser printers. It is an All-in-one printer for home and small office that offers printing, scanning, and copying in this multi-functional machine. This MFP is compatible with iPhone and Mac. Wireless printing option allows you to print from cloud, laptops, tablets, and smartphones including the support of NFC printing. Talking about the speed, the printer offers a speed of up to 36 pages per minute. The toner-save mode and two-side printing helps you save on printing cost. Excellent value for money, buy this best Airprint printer for enhanced productivity at work. Check More Details & User Reviews

3 Canon MF416dw Imageclass

This is an All-in-one laser printer compatible to work in Mac environment. This a wireless printer that offers multi-functional features like fax, print, scan, and copy. With Wi-Fi direct option, you can print directly from your mobile device without having to connect to a network. The printer prints at the speed of 35 pages per minute. Furthermore, the printer comes with a duplexing feature for paper saving and also lets you print ID cards which is a great feature for companies. Canon Image-class has a large 3.5 inches’ color panel for easy access and helps you handle daily documentation needs flawlessly. With mobile features, 1 GB RAM and large paper-handling capacity, this is a must have printer for home and office. Check More Details & User Reviews

4 Brother MFC-L5900DW Monochrome

This is a multi-functional laser printer for Mac, Linux, and Windows OS. You can scan and print professional documents at a high speed of 42 pages per minute. Various workgroups can use Brother MFC at the same time without slowing down the functionality of this all-in-one printer. The standard toner produces a yield of 3000 pages whereas a high yield replacement toner can deliver up to 8000 pages. The security features include settings lock, integration with active directory, restriction of usage per user, secure print via PIN. The other key features include duplex-printing, large touchscreen display, and cloud printing. Check More Details & User Reviews

5 HP LaserJet M527dn Laser Printer

This is the best printer for Mac users who are looking for a laser printer. It is a fast Mac printer that prints at a speed of 45 pages per minute. HP M527dn is an enterprise-class multi-functional printer with business features for enhanced productivity at workplace. The embedded security features with 256-bit encryption restricts the outer attacks and secures the sensitive data. With the intelligent power-save feature, the printer automatically gets off when it is not in use. HP Web Jetadmin lets you monitor printer status remotely and with Jetintelligence feature, you can maximize the toner yield in the economy mode. The printer supports multiple media sizes that include a letter, legal, 8.5 x 13, envelope, executive, statement, postcard, double postcard, 5 x 8, 4 x 6, 3 x 5, and 5”x7”. Check More Details & User Reviews.

6. Brother Compact Monochrome Laser Printer

This is a space saving laser printer that works perfectly with iMac and MacBook Pro with wireless connectivity. The printer features two-side printing and flatbed scanner allows you to scan and copy apart from printing functionality. It offers a speed of 32 pages per minute. The printer is compatible with envelopes, cards, letter, legal size paper other than standard A4 size. The automatic tray accepts a maximum of 250 sheets and there is also an option of manual paper feed for other paper sizes. Compatible with Apple Airprint, this compact printer is highly recommended for home and small office. Check More Details & User Reviews

7 Canon iP8720 Wireless Printer

Optimized to work with Mac OS X v10.6.8 – v10.9, this is an inkjet printer that delivers high quality print-outs at 9600 dpi. The canon wireless printer is capable to print CD/DVD covers and HD movie prints. With Google cloud print functionality, you can print directly from Chrome browser on Mac. The speed of color printing is 10 images per minute and for printing black and white prints, the speed is 14.5 images per minute. This is a complete photo printer that prints on normal as well as glossy paper without any hassles. You can print from Google cloud, iPad, iPhone, Wi-Fi network and USB cable. This is a combo pack where you get one set of the ink cartridge and 50 glossy sheets along with this Apple wireless printer. Check Price & More Details on Amazon

8 Lexmark MS817n Monochrome Laser Printer

Lexmark is a beast when it comes to sturdiness and printing speed. It prints at a speed of 55 pages per minute with a monthly volume of fifty thousand pages. Talking about compatibility with OS, this professional printer works with Mac, windows, and Linux. The printer is capable to print plain paper, envelopes, card stock, and office transparencies. The printer produces crisp and sharp print-outs since Lexmark can print in a high resolution of 1200×1200 DPI. Large workgroups can work simultaneously on this high performance machine without any lags largely due to powerful dual core processor and 2.4 GB memory. Check More Details & User Reviews

9 Kyocera M5526cdw Multifunctional Laser Printer

Kyocera is a Japanese company and has been delivering document solutions since 1948 in more than 25 countries. The printer works best with Apple Macintosh OS X 10.5 or later, windows server, windows vista and later and Linux. The printer comes with all the business-class features including stack-less duplex, 1200 DPI, 850 sheet input tray, front USB support and fast FAX. Mobile connectivity includes Airprint, Google cloud, Mopria and Kyocera mobile print. With five-line LCD display panel, you can easily configure and manage the tasks. Check Price & More Details on Amazon. Check Price & More Details on Amazon

10. Epson WF-7610 All-in-One Printer

This workforce model from Epson is compatible to use with Mac® OS X® 10.6.8 – macOS® 10.12.x8, windows operating systems. This is an inkjet printer that can print vibrant documents at a maximum dpi of 4800 x 2400. The front loader paper tray has a capacity of holding 250 sheets which is a great feature for an inkjet printer. Furthermore, the printer comes with an automatic document feeder and this all-in-one printer can print wide format sheets as large as 13” by 19”. The printer connectivity includes Wi-Fi, a wired network, Wi-Fi direct, NFC and mobile printing. This is an energy efficient and ROHS compliant ECO printer. Check Price and More User reviews.

Buy Wireless Printers for Mac & iPhone

The list above consists of both inkjet as well as LaserJet printers available in All-in-one and stand-alone configurations. Depending on your printing needs and budget you can pick the best printer for Mac OS environment. Which printer are you using currently and Do you have plans to buy a new one? Do share your views in the comments section.

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