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Codebox is a simple yet easy to use, user-friendly code snippet manager for mac to manage the snippet libraries of the users in Mac OS X.

Mac: /.vscode/extensions; Linux: /.vscode/extensions; Go to the ms-vscode.csharp extension folder. Open the snippets folder. Rename the csharp.json to bkcsharp.json for example. Start Visual Studio Code if it was closed, or restart it if is running. Now you will see the C# Code Snippets only and the rest of features of C# extension. This is the only code snippet manager (I know) that integrates to Bitbucket and Github. It has a clean interface; built with a busy developer in mind. Allows you to quickly search for a snippet and copy into your IDE without getting bogged down by detail. Code snippets are templates that make it easier to enter repeating code patterns, such as loops or conditional-statements. In Visual Studio Code, snippets appear in IntelliSense ( ⌃Space (Windows, Linux Ctrl+Space ) ) mixed with other suggestions, as well as in a dedicated snippet picker ( Insert Snippet in the Command Palette).

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With this CodeBox, users can easily copy snippets from Codebar and can paste them instantly in the ‘preferences’ menu.

Codebox works as a code snippet manager for mac which helps users to organize snippet libraries in Mac OS X. The users of CodeBox can easily copy snippets and paste them in Codebar ‘preferences’ menu.

With a smart layout and intuitive user interface, codeBox is a best code snippet manager application External drives for mac. for developer and designers.

With proper tools and features, the application organizes and manages plenty of codes in a time.

The users can save these code bundles by tagging them, or naming them according to the user’s snippets or assets. These code bundles can also be accessed whenever the user wants.

These code bundles can also combined with various syntaxes to highlight the codes. Added to that, the users can add features like Codebar.

Users can enable the codebar option in preferences and can fetch snippet or browse within the application’s code library using it (codebar).

The codebar also helps in building plenty of code libraries in Codebox.

The second important feature is assets, which helps in saving other documents apart from the regular Snippets, like, links or URLs, text files and example bundles.


Features of Codebox

  1. Easy to use interface with smart layout- The first thing that appeals the user towards the application is its smart layout and easy to use interface. All the tools and features are neatly organized so that the user need to put no extra effort to learn it.
  2. Manages code bundles efficiently- The prime job of this application is to manage and organize the code bundles so that they can be accessed whenever the user needs it.
  3. Naming the code bundles- The application allows the users to tag the code bundles and name them on the basis of the code bundles or snippets. Naming and tagging the code bundles help in accessing them easily whenever the user wants.
  4. Syntax combining- The users of Codebox can combine codes with syntaxes which helps in highlighting the code.
  5. Color bar feature- The color bar, once enabled and activated in the preferences, works as a library browser and snippet fetcher. This tool also helps in coping codes and paste it directly to the application.
  6. Assets tool- Assets help in uploading and bundle texts, examples and links or URLs directly in the application that can be presented as a webpage.
  7. Multi touch gestures – Use multi touch gestures to show or hide Details and scroll between snippets and assets.
  8. Minimalist view with a plain text in the table of snippets
  9. organize your code snippet libraries using Tags, Folders, Groups, Smart Groups and Assets.
  10. Organize many pieces of the same receipt in one snippet.

With plenty of features and tools for organizing codes, this application is a boon for the developers and professional developers.

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Download : code snippet manager – CodeBox

Windows 10 Snippet App

Snippet Store integration in Visual Studio Code


Type ctrl + shift + p or on Mac cmd + shift + p to launch command palette and choose Extensions: Install Extension. Search this package and install.


Snippet Store version at least v0.2.6


To transfer your code snippet to Snippet Store (Snippet Store must be running at this time):

  • Select your code snippet in vscode
  • Type shortcut ctrl + shift + t or on Mac cmd + shift + t or find Transfer selection to Snippet Store in vscode right-click menu
  • Snippet Store will pop up and allow you to input other info for the snippet
  • Hit the save button or keyboard shortcut ctrl + s to save

To import snippet code from Snippet Store to vscode (Snippet Store must be running at this time):

  • Type shortcut ctrl + shift + i or on Mac cmd + shift + i or find Import snippets from Snippet Store in vscode right-click menu
  • A vscode quick pick window will popup and allow you to pick your snippet
  • After select your snippet, your snippet will be import into vscode at the cursor position

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  • Hung Nguyen (twitter)
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