Color Correction For Mac

Feedback from CustomersEPICOLOR is officially recommended by Apple'EPICOLOR is different. It is using an innovative perception based approach. This surprisingly capable tool will let your colors look fresh, natural and vivid. It is not only useful for documentary shooters but professional colorists can benefit as well. Even if no color charts were shot, this tool will quickly get you to a neutral look as your starting point.'Prof. Uli Plank, Director of Institute for Media Research, Braunschweig University of Art'EPICOLOR has everything to greatly reduce the effort of color-correction for ambitious video-producers. It produces reliable improvements.It means far less work than manual correction“.Mac & I magazine test review'I have to say that there is something miraculous about EPICOLOR. I am very much concerned with the topic of beauty and color. The overall aesthetic resulting from EPICOLOR is more satisfying to my eyes than any other software filter, plugin, or even film stock. I read about your attempt to replicate how the human eye perceives color, and I believe that that's precisely what you've achieved with EPICOLOR. All hyperbole aside - the results are truly exalted.What you have achieved with EPICOLOR is simply beautiful and of truly lasting quality“.Jesse Waugh (New York artist)'I use EPICOLOR as an automatic primary color correction for my work on a daily basis. I think TV Producers with no time for color adjustment and nature filmmaker will love this truly wonderful plugIn.'Shahin Shokoui, Director and Editor'I just made a new project which would have taken hours with color-correction, in just a few minutes. A real help for every professional who wants to just quickly get to a perfect result. Congratulations.'Hans Bauman ('I tried it out on a 8mm film transfer from 1980 where the color varied from shot to shot and I was amazed by the results. To think that I spent days adjusting each shot by hand. Just one drag and drop and EPICOLOR did a better job than I managed with no further adjustment. I’m converted.'Crispin Hodges'Before we brought the EPICOLOR plugin into our workflow, getting that “natural and pure” look was a tedious endeavor. Now I can say that a quick and precise color foundation is achievable through EPICOLOR.'Austin L. Wiggins (Hindlight media owner)'This tool allows me to get great results very quickly and dazzle viewers! There is no time to mess around with complicated sofware and do everything manually. EPICOLOR is exactly what I’ve been waiting for. Thanks folks for this invention, it helps a lot.', aerial video production services in Asia
  1. Color Correction Software For Mac
  2. Color Correction Macbook Pro
  3. Color Correction Software For Mac

Whether you are performing an editing work or want to improve photography, nothing can work better than color correction software to finalize the image. The color correction also known as color grading is an essential tool that enhances the image as compared to the original one.


It has features of auto balance, color editing, different styles that you can use to improve not only the images but also the video. You can download this tool for free depending upon the operating system that you have and start using it to explore the magic of such incredible editor.

  1. Plenty of color correction tools that make color-grading easy and simple; Seamless integration with Final Cut Pro X; 7-day free trial version; OS compatibility: Mac. Easy to use with many color correction features; Opens separate window for ease of use with Final Cut Pro X; Standard and Pro versions available depending on your needs; Cons.
  2. Perform color correction using ColorSync. Canon Color Matching Print in PRO mode. For information about PRO mode, see 'Adjusting Colors with the Printer Driver.' Complete the setup. When you execute print, the document data is printed with the specified color correction.

Color Finale

In the Final Cut Pro timeline, select a clip that has a color correction. To add an additional color correction, do one of the following: Choose Window Go To Color Inspector (or press Command-6), then click the pop-up menu at the top of the Color inspector and choose one of the color correction effects in the Add Correction section.

Color Correction For Mac

It is one of the most powerful software that has amazing features to edit the images, applications, and videos. This software is available for free to download and is quite simple to use. The grading of colors is done with the help of layers and has three ways color corrector that meets the industry standards. Other than this, it also has LUT utility and Telecine tools for enhancing the image.


This color correction software is used by the professional designers to edit the timeline. It is extremely powerful, easy to use and has the best features like color replace, color adjustments, and create more color keys. If you require a powerful layered correction in the color or balance the image in a correct way quickly, then you must go with this option.


If you are looking for the best and the quickest way to fix the video then Colorfast video software is a right tool for you. It has many amazing features that can help you to improve the video or the image which you are currently working on. It is equipped with features of video plugin, streamlining of both color correction and grading and 21 video effects that can be used with complete efficiency and great speed.

Picto color

This software is powered by a technology of SmartColor and has the Hue select Control Point technologies which help you enhance the digital photography at a great speed and accuracy. Such software focuses on improving the overall image and gives it more enhancing look. With features like VIGNETTE, SHADOWS & HIGHLIGHTS you certainly don’t have to spend much time on the computer to keep editing the image.

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Professional Color Grading

Professional Color Grading is an essential tool that has amazing features which help the video viewers enjoy the clarity video with some creative aspects. It features telling stories, impression and also gathering the responses from the videos. You can control the lighting and color of the image and video without spending much time on it.

BlackMagic Design

BlackMagic Design has the node processing in which every single nose has the best power for windows, correct the color and effects. It is similar to the layers and is powerful as you can join ample of nodes in either parallel way or sequential manner. There are different plug-ins, Bleach Bypass, mixers, grades and effects which you can use to create the color effect.

Most Popular Software – Adobe SpeedGrade CC

Color Correction Software For Mac

Adobe Speed Grade CC is one powerful grading tool which has some mind blowing features of correcting the colors. It is also helpful for the people who wish to make the video projects more enhancing and look consistent. The tool is bets for the filmmakers, editors, and artists who work on visual effects. It features OPEN CL/OPEN GL, compelling and making the video look consistent.

What is Color Correction Software?

The name itself suggests the purpose of such software that is to improve the color grading and balance the entire combination of the color used. Such type of software is professionally designed to emulate the films style, make a manual adjustment in the videos, and enhance the overall image to make it look outstanding. In this software, the colors are either enhanced or altered for any still or motion picture.You may also see Flyer Maker Software

Color Correction Macbook Pro

The software is also used in the photographic laboratory and for theatrical films. This type of software is extremely easy to use and has RGB curves which you can adjust as per the color that you want to add or reduce. You may also see Photo Mosaic Software

Color Correction Software For Mac

With color correction software, you can definitely do the wonders as this online editing system saves your time and money and ensures that you get the best quality image or video. Color correction has all sort of image editing features that are required to make any image look good.


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