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Cisco has the Unified Personal Communicator that will work with the Mac, but it requires Cisco Unified Presence. Your only option for a Mac softphone would be a 3rd party SIP client. I can't provide any guidance on that as I haven't tried to get a SIP softphone working with any express products. Chapter 1: Introduction About this guide This administration guide provides information on server requirements, client requirements, and procedures to configure Avaya Aura ® and the Avaya one-X ® Communicator for Mac OS X application. Communicator for Mac is a native Mac OS X application, which offers the features available through the Communicator for Web, plus additional Mac specific features. ShoreTel Communicator for Web Features; ShoreTel Communicator for Web provides options for controlling the following.

Cisco ip communicator for mac os x download

Which Office program are you using?


Cause: The microphone is not connected correctly to the computer.

Solution: Check your connections.

  • For each computer being used in the conversation, check the connection between the microphone and the computer.

    If the microphone is integrated with the webcam, make sure that the webcam is connected correctly.

Cause: Sound is muted or turned down low in the conversation window.

Solution: Check the settings in the conversation window.

  1. In the conversation window, make sure that Mute is not selected.

  2. In the conversation window, make sure that the volume slider is not set too low.

Communicator For Mac Download

Cause: Sound is muted or turned down low in the Mac OS settings.

Solution: Check settings in System Preferences.

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  1. On the Apple menu, click System Preferences.

  2. Under Hardware, click Sound.

  3. On the Input tab, make sure that the correct device for sound input is selected.

    To see whether the microphone is working, speak into the microphone. You should see movement on the Input level display. Adjust the Input volume, if necessary.

  4. On the Output tab, make sure that the correct device for sound output is selected. Also make sure that the volume levels are not too low and that the Mute check box is cleared.

Cisco Ip Communicator For Mac Os X

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