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All Mac models released in a classic thick case are equipped with a built-in optical drive for reading optical CDs or DVDs. Make sure that all discs are set visibleFor starters, if you don’t know for sure if a disc is still in the drive, check that it is not invisible in Finder or CDs & DVDs preferences in your Apple menu. Eject dvd disk. This drive uses a slot-loading scheme allowing users to save space and increase usability, but in some cases, the lack of a conventional tray for loading discs can play a cruel trick on the user. This tab also provides a guide on how to make various hard drives, thumb drives, and any other removable media visible. In this article, we are going to provide you some tips on how to get the drive out of the Mac easily.

  1. Download minecraft mac, minecraft mac, minecraft mac download free. Action & Adventures. Minecraft is a game chock-full of adventure, exploration and creativity where you survive in a world composed of blocks – similar to Legos – that you.
  2. First i take windows at number to i take Mac WINDOWS Go to appdata.minecraft saves And then drag the map inside saves! Ok you are done!

First go to the oficial forge website by copying and pasting this link in a new tab:


Once you're on the website scroll down to download latest and click installer this will bring you to an add focus page


in the upper right hand corner click skip and the file should download

Find the map you want to download (type it into the search bar on the top left of this website). Goto your desktop and hold 'alt' then click 'library' on the toolbar and goto aplication support then find the minecraft folder and goto the saves folder (this is where your minecraft maps go) now drag the downloaded map into your saves folder and your done:D.


next go to downloads and drag the forge installer to the desk then open minecraft and create a new profile and save it


next select your new profile and press play. after that's complete press quit game.

Download Minecraft For My Mac

next double click the forge installer and open it


after that open minecraft and a new profile called forge should appear select it and then press play

Download Minecraft For Mac Free


next a box should appear saying you successfully installed the client click ok and drag the two files to the trash


next open minecraft and select the new profile called forge and press play


now you are able to download awesome mods and texture packs like crazy craft or pixelmon please enjoy and i hope i helped you . :)


Minecraft For Macbook


Download Minecraft For My Mac Download

pc or mac
basic computer skills
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