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For gamers, it is common to hit upon errors when playing games with the Thrustmaster devices, especially Thrustmaster racing wheels. Among these problems, the most frequently seen ones are Thrustmaster not recognized, not calibrating, or Thrustmaster not centered on Windows 10. Meanwhile, it is also reported that Thrustmaster not working on PS4 or Xbox one happens to many gamers.

In most cases, unless your game issue is caused by the hardware or setting errors, it can be fixed via driver updates. That is to say, there is much need for you to download drivers for your Thrustmaster racing wheel drivers like that of Thrustmaster T150, T300RS, T300, TMX Pro.

Or for some users, provided that you would like to download Thrustmaster Gamepad, Headset or Joystick drivers, the following methods are also applicable.


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How to Download Thrustmaster Drivers for Windows and Mac

Normally, no matter what your Thrustmaster device is and what model is it in Thrustmaster categories, three options are open to you to install the latest Thrustmaster driver. To be specific, automatically downloading Thrustmaster drivers, manually installing the drivers, and turning to Windows device manager if you are using Windows operating systems.

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In this way, for users who wish to download Thrustmaster T150 driver, 360 modena drivers, T60 drivers, etc. you can feel relieved to fix various gaming errors related to Thrustmaster drivers easily. And it is also foolproof to get Thrustmaster Mac drivers using similar steps.


Method 1: Download Thrustmaster Drivers Automatically

Driving wheel for mac

For green hands in the computer, it is more feasible to download Thrustmaster T130, 150, 300 and any other model drivers, with the help of a reliable and powerful driver tool. Besides, as a top one driver finder, downloader, and installer, Driver Booster can not only download device drivers automatically but also offer updates for games.

Since Thrustmaster is a gaming device, it is also likely that Driver Booster will help solve Thrustmaster issues. You can rely on it to update drivers for Thrustmaster quickly and correctly, as reported by numerous users.

1. Download, install and run Driver Booster.

2. Hit the Scan button. Immediately, Driver Booster will get started to scanning for the outdated, missing and even damaged drivers.

3. Find out Thrustmaster driver and let Driver Booster Update it.

You can see Driver Booster is installing the driver for your gaming device.

In so doing, for some people, it is possible that Thrustmaster not detected on PC will be removed and you can observe that Thrustmaster is working well on PS4.

Method 2: Download and Update all Drivers for Thrustmaster Manually

If you desire to download Thrustmaster Mac drivers or Windows drivers from the Thrustmaster’s official site, it is also viable. But that requires your proficiency in the computer, your time and energy. So be more determined before following up to download drivers for Thrustmaster T150, T60, T300, etc. on your own. And ensure you know what the model of the Thrustmaster racing wheel is.

1. Navigate to Thrustmaster Support. On this webpage, input the Thrustmaster model in the search box and then hit the search icon to go ahead.

2. Here entering Thrustmaster T60 in the search box as an example. You just need to type in your models like Thrustmaster T150, T300, or any other model.

3. Locate your Thrustmaster model and then find out the available driver downloads for it.

Here you may be prompted to select your operating system like Windows 10, 8, 7 and Mac.

4. Click Download to get it on Windows 10, 8, 7 or Mac.

5. Extract and install the downloaded driver on your PC.

Launch your game to see if the Thrustmaster racing wheel works well. And on this official site, you can download drivers for all the Thrustmaster devices like Thrustmaster racing wheels, Gamepads, Joysticks, and Gaming headsets.

Method 3: Update Thrustmaster Drivers via Device Manager

For Windows users, there is another way to download Thrustmaster drivers for Windows 10. Therefore, if you hope to fix Thrustmaster not working or improve the performance of your racing wheel by updating its driver, you can go directly to Device Manager, Windows embedded device management tool. As per Microsoft and users, the Device Manager is also good at updating drivers.

1. Open Device Manager.

2. Find out the Thrustmaster driver and right click it to Update driver.

3. Then select Search automatically for the updated driver software.

After Device Manager found and installed the Thrustmaster T150, T60 or any other drivers, you can check if your Thrustmaster racing wheel is recognized by Windows 10 and working well on your PC.

All in all, you can master three major methods to update drivers for Thrustmaster T300RS, T150, and other racing wheels for Windows 7, 8, 10 and Mac. In this sense, perhaps there is one more solution to resolve the error of Thrustmaster not turning on or not working on PC.

System cleanup in one click
Make your Mac fast and secure with CleanMyMac X.

Few things give Mac users that sinking feeling more than the sight of a spinning color wheel, rainbow wheel, spinning beach ball of death or SBBOD as it's also commonly known. It’s official name is the Spinning Wait Cursor, and it’s a system indicator. signifies that macOS cannot handle all the tasks given to it at this moment.

Why does it happen? It's a sign that an application is trying to deal with more processes than it can handle at any given time. Sometimes it will last only a few seconds and disappear, when processing cycles are freed up and the application is able to process all the tasks it needs to. Other times, the application will become persistently unresponsive and 'hang'. When that happens, the only solution is to force quit the app.

Driving Wheel For Pc

Fix Spinning Wheel on Mac

Get a pack of apps for Mac. Fix Apple Spinning Wheel and tons of other issues you have with your computer.

Quick ways to stop spinning wheel

To fix an application stuck with a spinning cursor:

  1. If and get rid of a spinning ballyou know which app is hanging, press Cmd-alt-escape and you'll see the Force Quit dialog box. The problematic app will be shown as 'not responding.'
  2. Select the app and press Force Quit. The app should now quit and the rainbow wheel will disappear.
  3. If the app refuses to force quit, or force quitting doesn't fix the problem, the next step is to restart your Mac.

How to stop the rainbow wheel issue

Getting rid of a spinning beachball is only part of the solution. As we said above, it's a symptom, not a cause of problems. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to prevent it. The first is to identify which applications are putting the greatest strain on your Mac.

iStatMenus, available in Setapp, is a powerful performance monitoring tools for your Mac. It sits in your Mac's Finder menu bar and allows you to easily check which apps are hogging processor cycles or RAM. And helps you see how well or badly your Mac is running. If you need more detailed information, or need to quit specific processes (rather than applications), you can launch Activity Monitor from within iStatMenus.

The combination of iStatMenus and Activity Monitor will lead you to the apps that are overloading your Mac. The next step is to uninstall them completely and reinstall them, making sure you remove all the temporary and preference files associated with it.

The easiest way to do that is to use CleanMyMac, also available in Setapp. Here's what you should do.

Uninstall apps and extensions

  1. Launch Setapp and search for CleanMyMac. Click install and wait for it to install and launch.
  2. Look in the sidebar for the Application section and click Uninstaller. The window on the right will fill up with all the apps you have installed on your Mac. Find the one you want to uninstall and click on the checkbox next to it. Click Uninstall at the bottom of the main window.

It's a good idea to remove any apps you don't use. You'll free up disk space and could prevent conflicts with other apps.

Driving Wheel For Mac Catalina

Re-index Spotlight

Spotlight is and incredibly useful tool for searching for files on your Mac, among many other things. In order to search your Mac, Spotlight needs to build and maintain an index. Occasionally that index can be come corrupt and when that happens, the dreaded spinning color wheel is likely to appear. Here's how to fix it.

  1. In CleanMyMac, click on the Maintenance in the left sidebar.
  2. Click the checkbox next to Reindex Spotlight.
  3. Click Run.

Free up disk space

macOS uses your startup disk to host virtual RAM and then regularly reads and writes files to it. If you don't have enough free space (at least 10% of the disk's total capacity), your Mac will struggle noticeably and you'll see the spinning beachball more often.

To free up disk space, you can either manually trawl through your startup disk backing up important files and then deleting them, or use Get Backup Pro or ChronoSync Express to back up the disk and then use CleanMyMac to free up disk space. It's a good idea to use Disk Drill to analyse the disk and identify which files are taking up the most space. Disk Drill and ChronoSync Express are available in Setapp.

  1. In CleanMyMac, click on Smart Scan and then click Scan.
  2. Wait for it to finish, then click on each section in turn and click Review Details.

The results can be enlightening. For example, we found that cache files for the Photos app were taking up 8GB space on our Mac. Uncheck and items you don't want to remove and then click Clean. Repeat for the other categories.

For more information on how to free up space on your Mac, we prepare these quick tips.

Install more RAM

If none of the the above, there is one final thing you can try. As we mentioned above, the spinning beachball can appear when your Mac is using virtual memory and storage space is limited. The more physical RAM you have, the less your Mac will need to resort to virtual memory.

So, installing more RAM will mean you see the spinning color wheel less often. Unfortunately, it's not as easy as it used to be to add more RAM to your Mac. You'll probably need to visit an Apple Store or an authorised service centre and ask them to install it for you.

To prevent that happening in the future, it's worth installing as much RAM as your Mac can take, or as much as you can afford, when you first buy it. Money spent on RAM is never wasted and usually means your Mac will perform better for longer, before you eventually need to replace it.

Driving Wheel For Mac

The good news is that replacing RAM is very much a last resort and that the other steps described above will, in many cases, solve the problem completely.

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