Key For Boot Menu Mac

Beyond DirectX 11 support, Parallels Desktop 15 will also support. Direct x for mac os x. There’s also a new share option to let you send Mac files from your default Windows mail application, and the software’s drag and drop feature now supports images from Safari, Photos, and other macOS apps. The last time we checked in with Parallels, when we noted that version 12 of the software couldn’t handle enough games well enough for us to recommend it to gamers. As well as better gaming performance, the improvements made to Parallels Desktop 15 mean that the software can open Microsoft Office apps up to 80 percent faster, and it also supports a wider range of non-gaming applications including Autodesk 3ds Max 2020. This means you’ll be able to use Windows apps on an iPad when you’re using it as a second screen for your Mac, and it also includes improved Apple Pencil support.

If you have more than one bootable drive (or partition) on your Mac, you know you can get to the boot menu by holding down the Option key at boot time. Learn another less-expected way to get to. Technical Questions [email protected] Disk Image Hot keys for BootMenu / BIOS Settings. You may get your Boot Menu How or your BIOS settings by using special keys. Below is a list of PC brands with their corresponding hot-keys. The OS on my Mac recently stopped working and in order to fix the issue I needed to use a bootable USB drive to reinstall the OS. I'm going to take you throu.

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This document is an overview of the keys that allow you to boot to a system BIOS and boot menu on various systems.

ManufacturerModelsBoot Menu KeyBios Key
AcerAspire One zg5, zg8, Aspire TimelineF12F2
AcerAspire v3, v5, v7F12 ('F12 Boot Menu' must be enabled in BIOS)F2
Esc, F2, F12Del, F2
ManufacturerModelsBoot Menu KeyBios Key
ApplePost-2006 modelsOption
ManufacturerModelsBoot Menu KeyBios Key
AsusVivoBook f200ca, f202e, q200e, s200e, s400ca, s500ca, u38n, v500ca, v550ca, v551, x200ca, x202e, x550ca, z202eEscDelete
AsusN550JV, N750JV, N550LF, Rog g750jh, Rog g750jw, Rog g750jx Zenbook Infinity ux301, Infinity ux301la, Prime ux31a, Prime ux32vd, R509C, Taichi 21, Touch u500vz, Transformer Book TX300Esc (Disable 'Fast Boot' and 'Secure Boot Control')F2
Asusk25f, k35e, k34u, k35u, k43u, k46cb, k52f, k53e, k55a, k60ij, k70ab, k72f, k73e, k73s, k84l, k93sm, k93sv, k95vb, k501, k601, R503C, x32a, x35u, x54c, x61g, x64c, x64v, x75a, x83v, x83vb, x90, x93sv, x95gl, x101ch, x102ba, x200ca, x202e, x301a, x401a, x401u, x501a, x502c, x750jaF8Delete
AsusEee PC 1015, 1025cEscF2

Key For Boot Menu Mac Os

ManufacturerModelsBoot Menu KeyBios Key
CompaqPresarioEsc, F9F10
ManufacturerModelsBoot Menu KeyBios Key
F12 (Select 'USB Flash Drive')F2
ManufacturerModelsBoot Menu KeyBios Key
F12tab, Delete
ManufacturerModelsBoot Menu KeyBios Key
Key For Boot Menu Mac

Apple Boot Menu

ManufacturerModelsBoot Menu KeyBios Key
Esc, F9Esc, F10, F1
HPPavilion Media Center a1477cEscF10
HPPavilion 23 All In OneEsc (Select boot media from the menu)F10
HPPavilion Elite e9000, e9120y, e9150t, e9220y, e9280tEsc, F9F10
HPPavilion g4, g6 and g7, Probook 4520s, 4525s, 4540s, 4545s, 5220m, 5310m, 5330m, 5660b, 5670bEscF10
HPPavilion HPE PC, h8-1287c, Pavilion PC, p6 2317c, Pavilion PC, p7 1297cb, TouchSmart 520 PC, ENVY x2, m4, m4-1015dx, m4-1115dx, sleekbook m6, m6-1105dx, m6-1205dx, m6-k015dx, m6-k025dx, touchsmart m7, Envy, dv6 and dv7 PC, dv9700, Spectre 14, Spectre 13, 2000 - 2a20nr, 2a53ca, 2b16nr, 2b89wm, 2c29wm, 2d29wmEsc (Then f9 for 'Boot Menu')Esc
HP2000Esc (Then F9 for 'Boot Menu'. Select 'Patriot Memory' on the Boot Option Menu)Esc
HPPavilion a410nEscF1

Boot Menu Key For Macbook Air

ManufacturerModelsBoot Menu KeyBios Key
LenovoDesktopsF12, F8, F10F1, F2
LenovoLaptopsF12F1, F2
LenovoThinkPad edge, e431, e531, e545, helix, l440, l540, s431, t440s, t540p, twist, w510, w520, w530, w540, x140, x220, x230, x240, X1 carbonF12F1
LenovoIdeaPad s300, u110, u310 Touch, u410, u510, y500, y510, yoga 11, yoga 13, z500Novo Button (Next to power button), F12Novo Button
LenovoIdeaPad P500F12 or Fn + F11F2
LenovoIdeaPad S10-3, g460, g470, g475, g480, g485F12F2
ManufacturerModelsBoot Menu KeyBios Key
MicrosoftSurface Pro 1-3
Volume-Down Button
MicrosoftSurface Pro 4 & Book
Volume-Up Button

Boot Menu Windows 7

ManufacturerModelsBoot Menu KeyBios Key
Packard Bell
F8F1, Delete
ManufacturerModelsBoot Menu KeyBios Key
F12, EscF2, F10
SamsungNC10, np300e5c, np300e5e, np350v5c, np355v5c, np365e5c, np550p5cEscF2
SamsungSeries 5 Ultra, Series 7 Chronos, Series 9 UltrabookEsc (Must disable 'Fast Boot' in BIOS)F2
SamsungAtiv Book 2, 8, 9F2 (Must disable 'Fast Boot' in BIOS)F10
ManufacturerModelsBoot Menu KeyBios Key
SonyVAIO Duo, Pro, Flip, Tap, FitAssist Button (Use the Assist Button when the computer is off, not when it is booting)Assist Button (Use the Assist Button when the computer is off, not when it is booting)
SonyVAIO, PCG, VGNF11F1, F2, F3
SonyVGNEsc, F10F2
ManufacturerModelsBoot Menu KeyBios Key
ToshibaKira, Kirabook 13, Ultrabook, Qosmio g30, g35, g40, g50, Qosmio x70, x75, x500, x505, x870, x875, x880F12F2
ToshibaProtege, Satellite, TecraF12F1, Esc
ManufacturerModelsBoot Menu KeyBios Key
F11F2, DEL

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