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Record and Playback your Keyboard Actions (like Key Press, Key Down, Key Up and even Long Key Press) with Keyboard Recorder Software for Mac. This Keyboard Macro Software is fully fully functional and is now available for download on Mac OS X 10.6 and later versions. You do not need admin access to install this Keyboard Macro Software, however you would need to enable access for Assistive Devices in order to actually record Keystrokes.

Mac Mouse Recorder. A simple mouse recorder for Mac OS X. Sits in the menu-bar and records your mouse & keyboard actions. Mouse Recorder for Mac has been discontinued and is no longer sold by Jitbit Software. Our flagship product is now Jitbit Ticketing System please check it out. This is a simple mouse recorder for OSX. The Mouse Clicks, Mouse Movements and other Mouse and Keyboard Actions are stored in RAM and when Macro Recorder is Closed or new Recording is recorded, all the currently recorded Mouse and Keyboard Actions are removed from RAM of Mac. The keyboard recorder is one such feature that is being increasingly incorporated in almost all the latest spying and monitoring applications due to the utility it has become. This feature allows one to record all the keyboard strokes made on any target device and thereby monitor them. It mostly comes to the help of parents and employers for monitoring the activities of their kids. Record mouse and keyboard actions for infinite replay No more performing the same task twice! Macro Recorder captures mouse events and keystrokes like a tape recorder, allowing you to automate tedious procedures on your computer. Download for Windows and Mac.

Download this Macro Software or read on to know how this Mac Software can help you in playing Games, Displaying a Presentation or help you Browsing Web. Note that this Mac Software is not a KeyLogger, although the underlying principle behind KeyLogger and Keyboard Macro is almost the same. Unlike KeyLoggers, this Keyboard Recorder Application does not stores your Keystrokes onto Hard Disk and instead this Application is basically a Mac Automation Utility which works in a controlled way to assist you in repetitive tasks like automatically press keystrokes in an online Game, automate a presentation prepared in Powerpoint or any other software, automate Web Browsing on your Mac using any browser like Safari, Chrome, etc.

Macro Recorder for Mac in Downloads Folder as visible in Finder

Watch a Video Tutorial displaying this Macro Recorder for Mac being used as Keyboard Recorder on Mac 10.9 actually record and playback Keystrokes to fully understand how you can record and playback recorded Keystrokes and other Actions. When you download this Macro Recorder, it gets downloaded to the Downloads Folder from where you can copy or move it to Desktop or any other Folder with the help of Finder on your Mac. This Video Tutorial starts with the main screen of the software, displays how to assign keyboard shortcuts and then uses the Start Recording and Play Recording Buttons to record and playback Keystrokes pressed on a TextEdit Application.

This Macro Application for Mac is capable of recording all types of Keyboard Actions and it can also record Mouse Actions. In case you want to record only Keystrokes, simply do not move mouse and do actions with Mouse Cursor and this Macro Software will record only Keyboard Actions. On the other hand, if you would like to know more about Mouse Actions Recording features of this Mac OS X Automation Application, do read the Mouse Recorder for Mac post written on this blog.

This Keyboard Recorder requires some settings to be done on System Preferences and apart from that other settings are self explanatory. This Macro Recorder Application can record Keystrokes along with the time delay. Recording a Macro with this Keyboard Recorder is as simple as doing the Keyboard Actions as you would normally do. All you need to do is start the recording in the Macro Software and do press the Keystrokes on your Mac and when you are done , just stop the recording in the software. Use the Download link provided in the post above or navigate to the software page to know how you can configure your System Preferences so as to allow this Macro Recorder to record Keystrokes.

There is another related Mac OS X Automation Application available for download which allows you to store Text to be typed. The Mac Auto Mouse Click Application allows you to create and edit scripts with various actions like Keyboard Typing, Mouse Clicking, etc. It can be handy when you are comfortable with the idea of Mac Automation and can plan your screen and the task to automate. It works on 10.6 and other Mac Versions and requires little bit of more planning as compared to this simple and easy keyboard Recorder for Mac.

Do you often need to work hard using your mouse just because you need to click again and again for repetitive tasks? Then you probably need an effective mouse recorder software that can record you mouse clicks and free you from doing repetitive clicks.


This software records mouse movement and clicks for you as per the configuration set by you. Here is the list of top mouse recorder software that we have prepared for you to help you get the best utility for your mouse recording needs.

Mini Mouse Macro

Mini Mouse is one of the powerful mouse automation software designed to record mouse movements, clicks as well as keyboard entries. This mouse movement macro is ideal for online gaming, word processing, desktop publishing and more tasks which need repetitive mouse clicks. Get downloaded online for free and automate your mouse operations.


ReMouse is an extremely simple mouse automation program that comes with three simple buttons that are recording, stop and playback to let you start, stop and replay mouse and keyboard recording functions. It comes with easy to use interface that lets you conveniently customize the configurations as per your project requirement.

RoboSoft-Mouse Recorder

RoboSoft Mouse Recorder is a powerful and easy to use mouse recording tool that lets you record macros of your routine tasks and then repeat all those recorded actions accurately. It supports setting repeat time as well as the delay between two repeating. It comes with a mouse click tool that helps it in doing mouse clicks.


JitBit-Macro Recorder

JitBit Macro Recorder is an advanced mouse automation tool for windows that not only records mouse clicks and movements but also converts macros to EXE files and more. Its smart-rec EXE-compiler compile to EXE and results in compressed and packed EXE file. It has adjustable speed and macro recording filters.

Other Mouse Recorder Software for Different Platforms

Mac keyboard mouse not working

Finding a specialized mouse recorder software that is meant particularly for your system? Mac os x versions. There is numerous such software developed for particular platforms like windows, Mac, Android and more which you can explore by searching online. Below are the two most trusted mouse recorder software for Windows and Mac that you can find useful.

Best Mouse Recorder Software for Windows – GhostMouse

GhostMouse is one of the most popular windows mouse recorder software that records and then automate all the mouse clicks as well as keystrokes for your PC. This special windows program is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10 and 64-bit systems. Get this software downloaded online today and automate all your repetitive mouse tasks.

Best Mouse Recorder Software for Mac – Macro Recorder

Try this powerful mouse and keyboard recorder software for Mac operating systems that record macros and playback all mouse as well as keyboard actions. It is compatible with all the latest versions of Mac OS with 10.6 version onwards. Whether you want to record mouse click, mouse movement, mouse scroll or more, this tool can do all this for you.

Most Popular Mouse Recorder Software – MouseRecorder

MouseRecorder is one of the most popular mouse recorder software available online for download. This software is the easiest tool that records your mouse clicks, movements and more by just clicking a single button. It comes with a built-in editor that lets you view recorded macro and make changes to it if required. You can also see Mouse Control Software

What is Mouse Recorder Software?

If you are a desktop publisher or data processing professional or an online gaming enthusiast then you might need to do repetitive mouse clicks, movements, and scrolls. In this case, you might feel the need of a solution that can help you in doing such repetitive mouse actions without the need of your intervention. You can also see Keystroke Logger Software

Mouse recorder software is a solution for you that can do this task for you. This software consists of such algorithms that record all your mouse actions, mouse movements, mouse scrolls and even keyboard entries and then repeat the same scenario again and again till you stop this software or till a defined time completes. These really eliminate your need of regular intervention thus making it easier for you to prevent your system from going to sleep mode.

Mouse And Keyboard Recorder For Mac

All the above listed are most reliable and trusted mouse macro software that we have brought to you on the basis of their ratings and reviews. So you can confidently download any of these software tools and start automating your mouse functions for your special tasks. You will never go wrong with these mouse recorder software programs.

Keyboard And Mouse Recorder For Mac

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