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Web Log Analysis software is an important tool for activities like marketing analysis and security management. E-Commerce sites are running businesses for the organization and they would like to see the web logs to see how many people come to the website, how long they stay and what part of the world do they come from. It can be also used for investigation of a web attack. We will evaluate 6+ web log analysis software for your use below.


WebLog Expert

The Weblog Expert is a fast and powerful access log analyzer. It can produce graphs or reports on how many page hits, which pages were accessed, how much time did that take, what all paths were taken within the site. The reports are easy to read reports in HTML or PDF formats. It can analyze logs of various websites.

Compare the best free open source Mac Log Analysis Software at SourceForge. Free, secure and fast Mac Log Analysis Software downloads from the largest Open Source applications and software directory. Other log analysis tools for different platforms. Are you looking for analysis for a particular operating system? Well, you have come to the right place. Here are log analysis tools for windows, Linux and Mac. You can choose the one that is suitable for your requirements. Weblog expert –. EventLog Analyzer has been a good event log reporting and alerting solution for our information technology needs. It minimizes the amount of time we spent on filtering through event logs and provides almost near real-time notification of administratively defined alerts. Nihuo Web Log Analyzer for Mac OSX v.4.04 Nihuo Web Log Analyzer is a powerful Mac OSX application that turns your web logs into a professional sales and prospecting tool. By telling you where your web site visitors come from, which pages are.


AWStats is a free and powerful Web Log Analyzer software. It has the capability to show graphical reports about the various information in the log. It reports a number of users and number of unique users, visits duration, authenticated users, any robots and also worm attacks. It runs on command line. Firefly for mac.

Web Log Analytics

It is an interactive web server log analysis software for IIS, Apache, and NGINX. It is a good solution for marketing and technical insights. It provides Javascript analysis too. There are filters for you to have different views of the data. You can drill down into details of the report.

Log Analyzer For Mac

Other Platforms

We have reviewed tools which generally work on a particular platform. Users use various platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac etc., to do the log analysis and hence we evaluate the software which runs on the different platform. Let us now look at 2 such web log analysis software.

Visitors for Linux

It is a fast web log file analyzer on the Linux platform. It takes the web log file as input and creates the various reports as desired by you. It does not require any installation and can scan through large weblogs quickly. The HTML reports are self-contained and can be sent to others for reading.

Web Log Analyzer

SawMill for Mac

Sawmill is a universal log file analysis and reporting software running on Mac platform. It has various plugins for various types of web servers. It provides important reports like visitors report, geographic locations and has an automatic scheduler to schedule the log analysis. It has drill-down reporting capabilities.

AlterWind Log Analyzer for Windows

This is a free website statistics analyzer software. It will provide information on which search engine the visitors came in and what they did on the site. It will figure out what are the keywords used for coming to that site. It helps for SEO activities. It discovers errors like broken links which can be rectified

Deep Log Analyzer – Most Popular Software

Deep Log Analyzer is a web analytics software used for small to medium scale websites. It gives you detailed reports based on easy steps to create the same. It analyzes logs of standard web servers and provides a report on the top pages visited, referral websites and search engines and words. All this helps in marketing and SEO.

What Is Web Log Analyzer Software?

Web Sites have become critical to businesses. They want to analyze the number of visitors, which pages had the top number of visitors, what was their journey, did they leave midway, from which geographical locations did they come and many other criteria. This helps them to have an effective marketing strategy. All the above information is available on the Web Log and the Web Log Analyzer Software does the work of reading the logs and presenting the needed reports. You can also see Event Log Analyzer

The software has the capacity to quickly process the lines in the log file and provide the appropriate reports. It supports the technical and marketing team.We have evaluated 6+ Web Log Analyzer software and you can use any one of the above to analyze your website. Analyze with these software and provide the right inputs to your marketing and technical teams. It will help you to grow the business by taking the right action on the reports provided by the logging software.

Event Log Analyzer

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