Mac Still Wait For Root Device

  1. Virtualbox Mac Still Waiting For Root Device

What does “Still waiting for root device” means? It means that a driver/kext for the source from which you are booting is not detected properly by the mac operating system (USB kext not detected or loaded) Mac OS released prebuilt with the latest drivers that supports SATA out of. Topic says it.can't install due to 'still waiting for root device'. I've taken a Mac OS X 10.6 Server DVD, created a cdr image of it in OS X (due to the fact that the DVD is dual layer, and the Windows machine here has only a single layer DVD), and attached it to IDE Primary.

Hi and thanks for any help you can offer,

My Mac has been working at 10.10.2 and previous versions with a Crucial CT480M500SSD1 SSD for seven+ months until I updated to 10.10.3 (which may be coincidental). Now, I cannot boot from the drive with the eventual message 'Still waiting for root device'.

Things I've tried:

  1. Firstly the error I had was a grey screen with a mouse pointer I could move on it but nothing else would happen. Because I have a bluetooth keyboard I couldn't boot to safe mode or reset the PRAM directly, so I took out the SSD drive and booted to the time machine partition. From there I used e.g. nvram boot-args='-x -v' to boot to safe mode, which worked and I rebooted immediately, subsequent boots would not work at all, even to safe mode.
  2. Still without a USB keyboard I used the Time Machine partition (pulled the SSD out to boot to it) to reset PRAM (via boot-args), NVRAM, didn't work.
  3. I brought a USB keyboard home and used it to boot to TM and restore a 10.10.2 version of the SSD from before the update. Same problem. I have even restored versions from December with the same result, as above.
  4. I have a previous SSD laying around with Mavericks on it, it boots fine.
  5. I have run bless --folder /Volumes/Beep Beep/System/Library/CoreServices --bootefi

Mac Still Wait For Root Device

Any other ideas or can anyone give an explanation of how the root device is determined and found? I've read some things about needing to have kexts that read from the drive, but it doesn't seem like

Thanks, Dan.

OS X Yosemite (10.10.2)

Virtualbox Mac Still Waiting For Root Device

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