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Question: Why can't I video call on Facebook Messenger?

I have been looking for different ways to chat with my friends and family. However, I want to be able to use one platform to do this instead of having to download or pay for multiple Apps. I have tried the video call option on Facebook Messenger but can't seem to get it to work. Why can't I video call on Facebook Messenger? I know it's an option so why can't I use it? It would be the ideal place for me to talk to all of my friends and family.

You should start fixing the video call problem on Facebook by using the traditional method. The final Facebook Messenger video downloading solution provided in today’s article is by using an online video converting and downloading tool. By using an online video converting and downloading tool, you can not only download the video from Facebook Messenger, but also save the video in whatever format you want so that the downloaded video.

In these years, many people like to make video calls on Facebook Messenger to chat with their friends and families. However, just as the user above said, this feature would fail to work sometimes. Then why Facebook Messenger video calling not working? How can you solve this problem? Juse read on! This article can give you an answer! It will show you the reasons and solutions of this issue detailedly.

How to Transfer Videos from Android to Mac? 5 Ways to Fix Facebook Messenger Video Calling Cannot Work Issue. According to the reasons above, we can figure out several methods to fix the issue. The followings are the details about these means and you can go with the steps to try to get rid of the trouble.

Reasons for Facebook Messenger Video Calling Not Working

Why Facebook Messenger video calling not working? The reasons for this issue could be various:

- Poor network connection: You should link your phone to a stable network or you won't be able to send or receive messages or make video calls on Facebook Messenger.

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- Do not allow Facebook Messenger to access camera or microphone: To video call on Facebook Messenger, you need to allow Facebook Messenger to access camera and microphone in advance so others can see and hear you.

- The Facebook Messenger version is outdated: Some bugs of the outdated Facebook Messenger version might cause the Facebook Messenger video calling not working issue also so you'd better upgrade the application regularly.

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5 Ways to Fix Facebook Messenger Video Calling Cannot Work Issue

According to the reasons above, we can figure out several methods to fix the issue. The followings are the details about these means and you can go with the steps to try to get rid of the trouble.

Before fixing the issue, you are strongly recommended to transfer some important files like messages from Android or iPhone to computer for backup since unforeseen accidents may occur during the fixing process and your data may be damaged or lost.

Method 1. Manage the network connection on your phone

When you fail to video call on Facebook Messenger, the first thing you need to check is the network connection. You can simply check the status of the network on your phone or manage the network settings to refresh the connection.

1. You can switch between mobile data and Wi-fi whether the network has some problems.

2. Maybe the Wi-fi you are using is weak or invalid so you can connect to another available Wi-fi to have a try.

3. You can also attempt to reset the network settings on your phone and then reconnect them:

- On an iPhone, you can enter the Settings App first and then continue to click the options General> Reset> Reset Network Settings.

- On an Android phone, you should tap on Settings App also but then need to go to Apps/Application Management> Settings> Backup and Reset. And then tap on Reset Network Settings and Rest Settings to confirm your option.

After resetting your network, all the Wi-fi that you have connected to before will be removed so you need to reconnect them or connect the device to some new wireless network. Once you establish the connection successfully, you can go to Facebook Messenger and try to make a video call to check whether the problem is fixed now.

Method 2. Allow Facebook Messenger to access camera

Before making a video call on Facebook Messenger, you need to allow Messenger to access the camera that the camera driver can work normally when you require a video call. To complete that, you follow the steps below:

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- For iPhone users, you should tap on the Settings App first. Then in this section, you should select Privacy option and find the Camera in it. Next, you can tap on the Camera option and find Facebook Messenger from the list. Finally you just need to toggle on the button to enable the feature then Facebook Messenger can use the camera freely.

- For Android phone users, you can go to Settings> Apps/Application Management first. After that, you can see a list of applications that are installed on your phone are displayed on the screen. Now you need to find Facebook Messenger among the listed Apps and tap on Permisson and switch on Camera button.

Method 3. Allow Messenger to access microphone

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Except for camera, you also need to allow Facebook Messenger to access microphone or others won't be able to hear you. Here, the method to enable microphone on Facebook Messenger is similar to the Method 2:


- If you are an iPhone user, you need to click the options Settings> Privacy> Microphone and toggle on the Facebook Messenger under this section.

- If you are an Android phone user, you should go to Settings> Apps or Application Management> Facebook Messenger and tap on the Permission option. Then you also need to turn on the Microphone.

Method 4. Re-login to your Facebook Messenger

Maybe there is something wrong with your Facebook Messenger account so you can try to log out the account and then re-login to it to see whether it can fix the problem.

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- To re-login to Facebook Messenger on iPhone, you download and install the Facebook App on your phone first. After the installation, you need to go to Facebook and tap on the hamburger icon at the right bottom of the screen to open the menu. Next, you can scroll down the page and select Settings> Account Settings> Security or Security and Login. Then you can see a list where you're logged. From the list, you should find out Facebook Messenger and tap the cross near it to log out the Facebook Messenger. Then you can login to your Facebook Messenger again.

- To re-login to Messenger on Android phone, you also cannot log out from the application directly but you can navigate to Settings> Apps/Application Management> Facebook Messenger> Clear Data to log out the App. Then you can click the Facebook Messenger icon on your screen to re-login your account.

Method 5. Update or Reinstall Facebook Messenger

The final way you can try to solve the problem is to update or reinstall the application on your phone. Here no matter you select to update or reinstall Facebook Messenger, you need to ensure that the newly installed software is the most recent version or the bugs caused by the old version won't be able to be fixed.

Here if you just want to upgrade the App, you can simply go to Google Play Store or App Store to update it. But if you want to reinstall the application, you should remove the App from your device first and then install a new one.

- On the iPhone, you need to find out the Facebook Messenger on your Home screen first and then hold down its icon till you see a 'X' icon appears. Next, you can simply tap on the 'X' icon to delete the software. Finally, you need to go to App Store to download and install the newest Facebook Messenger on your phone.

- On the Android device, you can go to Settings> Apps/Application Management> Facebook Messenger> Uninstall to remove it from your Android phone. After that, you can download the latest Facebook Messenger from Google Play Store and then go with the instructions to install it.

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by Brian Fisher • Oct 13,2020 • Proven solutions

'I have recorded a video of my wedding anniversary bash, and one of my friends created an audio mix meant explicitly for the celebration. It was full of energy and fun. Most of my friends did not manage to attend, and now they want to see how it went. We get in touch with Messenger Facebook, but I have been getting this message of 'message failed to send' & 'not delivered' whenever I try to send the video. So please, someone to direct me on how to send a video on messenger.'

Sending big videos might fail to upload if your internet speed is slow and often takes longer to upload.

To make it easier to send large video or audio files via Facebook Messenger, you can first cut off the useless part to reduce the size of video/audio and then compress them.

Before we show you how to send large video/audio on messenger, let us update you with what you need to know and satisfy before proceeding.

Part 1. Video/Audio Upload Specs Limit of Facebook Messenger

One of the reasons why the video or audio you are sending on Facebook Messenger fails is that messenger does not meet the messenger's upload specs. The maximum attachment size is 25 MB. So you may need to change the video resolution for sending the file on messenger. The correct dimension for a video should be an aspect ratio range of 9:16 to 16:9 with a maximum frame rate of 30 frames per second. Video with more than this frame rate will be decimated in whole integers until it falls within the said range. It is resampled for audio according to the initial video sample rate to 22,050 Hz or 44,100 Hz.

Part 2. 3 Ways to Compress a Large Video/Audio for Messenger

You will have to compress videos about the mentioned Facebook Messenger video specification limitations before uploading to Messenger Facebook. It prompts you to pull a lot of resources to get the right software for the job. However, to ease you from painstaking hassle, here is a top-notch and tinker tool, UniConverter, perfect for the task. It has quite a couple of exciting features, including video compress, trim, crop, Green screen, DVD burning, and more. This video compressor supports a wide range of file formats, including M4V, MP4, AVI for video and MP3, M4A, and AAC for Audio.

Get the Best Video Compressor for Messenger:

  • Video/Audio conversion mode is compatible with popular file formats, like MP4, MOV, MKV, WMV, AVI, etc.
  • It allows the import media of files from the hard-drive, devices, or social media.
  • You can download video/audio from online sites like VEVO, YouTube, Facebook.
  • It has is a preview option.
  • Allows you to export the video/audio directly to the device and social media platforms.
  • Toolbox in UniConverter: VR converter, screen recorder, DVD/CD burner, GIF maker.
  • Both Windows and Mac versions are available.

The following are 3 guides on how to compress the video or audio for Facebook Messenger

Method 1: Quickly Compress a Video for Messenger

Step 1. Add large video file

Run UniConverter on your PC and click the “Toolbox” icon on the menu tab. On the new window, press on the “Video Compress” option. Then on the pop-up window, import the video to compress by clicking on the “+” icon and browse videos in the saved location. Once you found it, you can then upload it.

Step 2. Adjust settings for compression

Now, you can see the video on the 'Compress' window with its all original information. To start compressing the video, keep sliding the 'Progress bar.' And as you slide the bar, you will notice the change in parameters accordingly. The settings include the file size, bit rate, and compress rate. Alternatively, instead of using the Progress bar, you can manually compress the video by varying the video size and the resolution manually.

Step 3. Compress video for Messenger

Before you start compressing the video, check the changes by clicking on the “Preview” button to watch the video for 20 seconds. After attaining the predetermined specification, provide the appropriate save location for the video. Finally, tap the “Compress” button to compress large video to small size.

After that, your video will be useful to be sent on messenger without interruption.

Method 2: How to Compress a Video for Messenger in a Batch

Step 1. Add large video files to UniConverter

Open UniConverter and click 'Convert' tab. Import the video target by clicking on the 'Add Files' option. Alternatively, you can drag the video and drop it on the program. However, if the video you want to compress is on the mobile device or camcorder, connect the latter device to the computer via USB cable and click on the drop-down icon beside the 'Add Files' button and import the video.

Step 2. Adjust settings for compression in batch

Next, click the 'Convert all files to' option and go for an output format. Click 'Create Custom' option. After that, you can apply the compression adjustments from the pop-up window, including varying video file size, bit rate, resolution, and quality.

Step 3. Compress and Convert video in batch for messenger

At last, tap the 'Convert All' button to commence the video compression and conversion process. Once this is completed, you will find the compressed and converted video on the 'Converted' tab.

Method 3: How to Compress a Large Audio File for Messenger

Microsoft Messenger For Mac

The process of compressing audio is almost the same as the one for video. Keep on reading the following steps.

Step 1. Add large audio files

Add the large audio files to be compressed to UniConverter, by either pressing the 'Add Files' button or dragging the audio and dropping it. Again, you may upload the audios directly from the mobile devices, DVD system, and camcorder.

Step 2. Change audio settings for compression

Choose an output format and adjust compression settings. From the 'Audio' window, click '+Create Custom' and change the Audio encoding settings such as bit rate, sample rate, or channel, and then click on the 'Create' button.

Step 3. Compress audio for Messenger quickly

Choose the save location. Give the accessible save location for the audio file by heading to Menu and clicking the “Preferences” then “Location.” After which you start compressing and converting the file by tapping the “Convert All” button.

High-Quality Video Converter, 90X Faster Speed! - UniConverter

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