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  1. Mind maps help you to brainstorm, take notes or work through complex problems. This exercise helps bring your ideas to life by creating a visual organization of your thoughts so you can remember, identify correlations, and see the big picture. With Canva’s free online mind map maker, you can easily create a beautiful mind map design.
  2. Affordable Mac Mind Map Software. Edraw mind map for Mac is a powerful mind map development program that offers a full set of tools for the fast creation of modern and polished mind maps. It has been embraced as a solid mind map Visio alternative on Mac OS. Its simple and user-friendly interface helps you speed up your work and produce.
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  3. Mind Map Free For Mac Os X 10.7
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Support iCloud between Mac OS X and iOS devices; Support Photo attachment. Support Retina display. Support External Monitor. Simple and Quick editing map. Export as PDF, PNG, XMind, FreeMind, TEXT. Support Undo/Redo. Support Drag and Drop. Support Folding nodes. My passport ultra for mac 1tb. Support Copy & Paste with various format. Support background color.

5 Best Free Mind Map Tools


The mind map is popular among different fields, such as language learning, technology, and project management, etc. The surge of mind map tools makes potential users difficult to choose from. Free brainstorming software can offer user experience and help select the one really fits users. Following five recommended free mind map tools are for your reference.

Features ComparisonFreemind
For Mac
For Windows
For Web
For Linux
Presentation Mode
Inserting Functions


Keywords: tiny memory, cross-platform, Java-based, intuitive UI

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

Freemind is a Java-language free mind map software for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux systems using tiny memory. The minimalist style shows its positioning on the rich inner rather than fancy graphics. And it has quite enhanced features and functionalities which is more detailed than web-based applications. Freemind believes it can be one of the fastest software because of their secret weapon “one-click fold/unfold”. However, Freemind does not allow multiple maps to drive a decision.

Edraw MindMaster

Keywords: simple to use, team cloud, Gantt chart

Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux

Edraw MindMaster is a professional mind mapping tool which covers abundant unique and vivid clip art and mind map examples for users. For a green hand of mind mapping, MindMaster is really simple to get started with its powerful functions and exquisite examples. Some unique functions show its advancements like the rainbow color, task management tool, and powerful toolbox. The rainbow color function helps users switch different colors in one click. Task management tools enable users to view the task information in different views, including ordinary mind map view, Gantt chart view, and outline view.


Wise Mapping

Keywords: non-linear, intuitive editor

Platforms: web

Wise Mapping is a simple-to-use online mind map software which is produced by a couple of friends designing in their free time. It is an intuitive editor which is simple for brainstorming beginners to capture their views quickly. Users can choose all functions from the upper column to fill their own maps. All basic features can be applied through this website to create a map, so users can share with their friends and colleagues straightforward by Wise Mapping.


Keywords: intuitive, for businessman, multiple centers availability

Platform: web

Bubbl.us is the easiest online mind map tool which users do not even register or sign in. The style of Bubbl.us made for the mind map is colorful but intuitive which is not complex. It is a visual brainstorming tool for users to structure ideas and collect views in an attractive way. It is useful for the businessman to spread their opinions with Bubbl.us auxiliary. Bubbl.us supports multiple centers which can divergent thought in a more rigorous and comprehensive way.


Keywords: communication group, best for education

Platforms: Web, iOS & Android

GoConqr is an Android and Mac mind mapping application. It is a mind map creator which concentrates more on the education field. Its mind map tool is web-based and its maps can help teachers make teenagers and children patient and arrest their attention in Class. However, GoConqr mind maps do not provide icons and symbols library so that users need to insert using their own collections.

The mind map is useful for people to explore their views visually and intuitively. And the free mind map may become a stepping stone for learners to explore their minds and fall for drawing mind maps.

FreeMind is a premier free mind-mapping software written in Java. Á mind map is a diagram that can be used to represent ideas and tasks.

Mind Map Free For Mac Os X 10.10

Os X Version Mac

Features include:

Mind Map Free For Mac Os X 10.7

Mac Os X Version History

  • Fully functional following of HTML links stored in the nodes, be it www links or links to local files.
  • From very early versions, Freemind supports folding which is its essential property.
  • Fast one-click navigation, including folding / unfolding on one click and following links on one click at the same time (you don't have to make choice between fast following of links and fast fold/unfold). You can move the map by dragging the map's background as well as using mouse wheel.
  • Undo
  • Smart Drag'n Drop, including the possibility to copy nodes or copy style of nodes; dragging and dropping of multiple selected nodes; dropping of texts or list of files from outside
  • Smart copying and pasting into, including pasting of links from HTML or structuring the pasted content on the basis of the number of leading spaces in a line; pasting of lists of selected files
  • Smart copying and pasting from, including plain text and RTF (MS Wordpad, MS Word, MS Outlook messages).
  • Export of map to HTML, with folding (see example (http://freemind.sourceforge.net/PublicMaps-exported.html))
  • Find facility, where found items are shown one by one as you do 'find next', and the map is unfolded only for the current item.
  • Possibility to use and edit long multiline nodes; even with newlines
  • Possibility to decorate nodes with built-in icons, colors and different fonts.
  • Low costs of risk of switching away to another mind mapping tool, because FreeMind stores maps in XML format. If you have a lot of maps created by FreeMind and you want to switch to another program, writing a conversion program should be easy, especially if that program features Visual Basic scripting facility. Christoph Rissner describes in his article (http://krottmaier.cgv.tugraz.at/docs/seminar/sem2002_mindmaps.pdf) at IICM site (http://krottmaier.cgv.tugraz.at/veranstaltungen/seminar/abgeschlossen.html) his implementation (http://krottmaier.cgv.tugraz.at/docs/seminar/sem2002_mindmaps.tar.gz) of data exchange between FreeMind and MindManager.
  • File mode enables you to browse the files on your computer, seeing the folder structure as mind map.

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