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MindManager Version 9 for Mac is now available!

We are pleased to announce Mindjet MindManager Version 9 for Mac!

Issue: MindManager for Mac crashes while using the ‘Find’ feature in Flowchart maps. Resolution: Fixed. Issue: MindManager for Mac crashes on double clicking a topic while Format menu is expanded. Resolution: Fixed. Issue: MindManager for Mac crashes while moving a topic with large attachments. Resolution: Fixed.

  • Mindjet recently announced MindManager 9 for Mac and new mind mapping apps for the iPhone and iPad, based on technology acquired from MyMind. MindManager for Mac, free and safe download. MindManager latest version: Organize ideas, people, plans and resources. MindManager is a comprehensive organizer for Mac.
  • MindManager 2020 for Windows. English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Japanese (Build 20.1.231) – 32-Bit 378 MB/64-Bit 363 MB – DOWNLOAD EXE Release Notes; Download MindManager User Guide Note: If you have created your own MapParts, icons, images, templates or styles in earlier versions that you would like to re-use in MindManager 2020 for Windows, please read.
  • MindManager (news, site) has come to my rescue. And if you also use a Mac or an iPhone and have the same proble I like my iPad, but I haven't been able to find a decent brainstorming tool for it.

This release introduces powerful new capabilities that will help you easily create and share presentations, facilitate brainstorming through efficient information capture, and quickly lay out tasks and schedules for a range of activities and projects using built-in templates. MindManager Version 9 for Mac also offers an improved look and feel that makes it even easier to get started.

Looking for ideas? Here’s how a brain scientist uses Mindjet but, luckily, you don’t have to be one to get started.

“I’m a brain scientist and MindManager Version 9 for Mac works like your brain works. The product’s new presentation capabilities take me away from the one-dimensional nature of PowerPoint, and allow me to quickly shift focus between big-picture-thinking and detailed topic areas – a critical advantage whether you’re presenting strategic plans or focused insights.”

-Stuart Zola, Neuroscience PhD, Research Center Director at Emory University

Here’s five things to look for in the new Mac 9 solution:

Speedy Info Capture during Brainstorming

Keeping up during collaborative brainstorming sessions can be challenging, especially when you’re trying to capture multiple inputs without breaking the flow of the session. MindManager for Mac’s new Quick Entry Mode makes it easy to quickly capture ideas, allowing you to be involved in the brainstorming session, knowing that you can organize the information later.

Figure 1: Quick Text Entry

Making a new entry is as easy as typing in the text and hitting Enter. All entries are stored in the Quick Entry window. Once the ideas are captured, it’s easy to organize and add supporting imagery or information to provide more depth to the map.

Interactive Slide Presentations

Another powerful new feature is the ability to create interactive slides from your map content. Because MindManager for Mac lets you select which portions of the map to include in slides, you can move seamlessly from collecting and organizing information to presenting and gathering feedback, all within the same map.

Figure 2: Slideshows on the Fly

One of the advantages of presenting information in MindManager is the flexibility to not only show the appropriate information and level of detail for each audience by opening and closing map branches just like you would in a MindManager map, but the ability to keep your audience engaged by adding feedback live during the presentation without having to pop out of MindManager and break the flow of the presentation. Contrast this flexibility with PowerPoint or Keynote, where you would have to exit Slide Show Mode to add a comment to the original map and then go back into Slide Show mode to continue the presentation.

Project Planning Made Easy

MindManager has long been lauded as an effective project planning tool – allowing you to effectively assign and task information such as resources, timelines and progress. We’ve also added a set of 19 pre-defined project management map templates designed to help you better manage the project planning process. These templates are designed to help you save time, boost the quality of your work, and help you align teams and better manage projects. With these out-of-the-box templates, whenever you start a new project you simply open the appropriate template and start filling it in.

Figure 3: Project Management Templates

Enhanced Printing Capabilities

MindManager for Mac gives you control over how your maps are presented with new WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) printing. You can print the entire map, with or without topic notes, on a single page. Or you can print individual slides. MindManager makes it easy to print out exactly what you need.

Figure 4: WYSIWYG Printing

But that’s not all! MindManager Version 9 for Mac has a number of other new features and enhancements that address customer requests, including:

  • Improved menu options
  • New project management templates
  • Updated icons, markers, and images
  • Local integrations with Microsoft Office Mac and Apple iWork
  • Import from Freemind
  • Improved filtering and select
  • And more!

Mindmanager 9 Mac Download

To learn more about MindManager Version 9 for Mac, take a look at the resources listed below:

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Mindmanager Mac Serial

If you’re interested in purchasing a new license or upgrading to MindManager Version 9 for Mac today, check out our ecommerce store.

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