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Free download the professional MKV Audio Extractor for Mac or Windows version-Bigasoft Total Video Converter (for Windows, for Mac), install and run it, the following interface will pop up. Step 1 Add MKV files. Click the 'Add File' button to import the MKV video from which you want to extract audio. Or you can also drag the MP4 file directly. MKVExtractGUI-2 is a Matroska (mkv) track extraction GUI tool for work with mkvtoolnix. Requires mkvtoolnix. Demux mkv streams, split video, audio and subtitle to separate files, from an MKV file. MKVToolNix is an all-in-one MKV toolbox that gives you free access to mkvmerge, mkvinfo, mkvextract, mkvpropedit, etc, ready for you to modify, merge, subtitle, create and extract MKV videos under Linux, other Unices and Windows. But to get the Mac version is a hard nut for most users.

26th December, 2014 by Emily Moore

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Mkvextractgui mac free download. MKVExtractGUI-2 Matroska (mkv) track extraction windows GUI tool for work with mkvtoolnix. Please, rate and revi.


Have you ever encountered the problems as the below:

Want to extract audio stream into MP3 files for easy listening on your portable devices; Interested in taking an .mkv file and extracting the 5.1 audio file (I'm guessing an ac3 file); Wish toextract the audio from an mkv file, the file doesn't play in QuickTime but plays in VLC.

If so, this article will help you get the audio track you want with just a few steps. I have a live performance that I would like to extract the audio separately from the .mkv file,so I can put it on my IPod. But I only have VLC and have no idea if that even does the job. MKV is one of the Matroska file extensions, and the Matroska Multimedia Container is an openstandard free container format, a file format that can hold an unlimited number of video, audio, pictures, or subtitle tracks in one file.

Extract Audio from mkv Step by Step Guide

Make Preparation: Free download MKV Audio Extractor - Bigasoft Total Video Converter

Free download the professional MKV Audio Extractor for Mac or Windows version-Bigasoft Total Video Converter (for Windows, for Mac), installand run it, the following interface will pop up.

Step 1Add MKV files

Click the 'Add File' button to import the MKV video from which you want to extract audio. Or you can also drag the MP4 file directly to the main interface of this software.

Step 2Set output audio format you prefer and adjust the audio settings

Option: Click 'Setting' button, the 'Advanced Settings' Window will pop up right beside the main interface. In the 'Advanced Settings' Window, click 'Advanced' tab:

1.Click '44100' tab on the right side of 'Sample Rate' to select desired audio sample rate like 96000;

2.Click '2 stereo' tab on the right side of 'Channels' to set preferable audio channels like 5.1;

3.Click 'Audio Bitrate' right side tab to set desired audio bitrates;

4.Click '100%' tab on the right side of volume to select preferable volume ratio from the drop-down list or just enter the desired volume ratio like 300%, 400%.

Finish the audio converting

Click 'Convert' button to start and finish extracting audio from MKV.

Hopefully this article will have shown you how to easily extract audio stream from MKV files using Bigasoft Total Video Converter.

To find out more Bigasoft Solutions to enjoy your new digital life, you can go here.

Mkv Extractor Gui Mac

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Watching movies on a laptop is not the best way to do it but you can’t carry a TV on the Plane, yet. While the Quicktime Player handles all of my media content with ease, there are certain formats that it still can’t recognize. The MKV format is one of the popular ones in the movie industry because of it’s unlimited storage capacity. In this guide, I’ll show you how to play MKV files on a mac. Let’s get started.

The MKV format is an open and free container format that can hold an infinite number of audio, video, and text files in a single file. This makes it an excellent format for TV shows, movies, etc.

There are various options to play MKV files on Mac but we’ll choose the easiest three;

  • Installing a QuickTime Plugin
  • Installing a third party Player
  • Converting the Video

1. Play MKV Files on Mac – QuickTime Plugin

Quicktime Player is the default video player for macOS. Yes, it does lack a few features which other players have but it’s nothing a plugin won’t fix. Perian is a popular Plugin for QuickTime Player which lets you play MKV videos on your Mac.

Download the Plugin setup file from the official website or by clicking this link.

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Your download should automatically start and once the file is downloaded, you can simply open the downloads by clicking the downloaded button on the tray. Click on ‘Perian.dmg’ to begin the setup.

It would show the error just like the figure below, which says “Perian can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer”. Fret not, you can easily remove this error, by temporarily disabling the security blanket of GateKeeper.

To disable Gatekeeper, open ‘System Preferences’ by searching in the Spotlight or from the Apple  menu. It would open the settings window and you can click on ‘Security & Privacy’.

After that, you’d see the section which says ‘Allow apps downloaded from’ and a button ‘Open Anyway’. Click the button to override the default action.

If your Mac has a password, you need to enter it again to authenticate it. Make sure you enter the Administrator’s name and password or else it won’t install the plugin.

Now, this will open the installer and you just have to click ‘Perian.prefPane’ to begin the installation.

Ignore this warning and allow it by clicking ‘Okay‘. It automatically installs all the necessary files and you just have to wait for it to finish.

After the installation is finished, you’ll see the window similar to one below. You can close it now as the Plugin is successfully installed.

Play the MKV file with Plugin

Now, you can open any file from your system with QuickTime Player and it would start loading instead of showing you an error. Depending on the Size of the file, it may take some time.

This Plugin converts the MKV file to MP4 and that’s why it takes a little while to load. Once it does, you can watch the video without any problems on your QuickTime Player. If you close the window, you’ll get a pop-up that would suggest you save the file in MP4 format. You can save the file in MP4 format and play that instead.


  • No additional Player required
  • Easy installation and integration
  • Open-sourced
  • Converts MKV to mp4 as well


  • Slow loading speeds

2. Play MKV Files on Mac with VLC

The last method works great if you want to keep using QuickTime Player as your main media player on the computer. The Plugin is still a workaround and slow when compared with other media players.

The VLC media player is one of the most popular video players out there and the popularity keeps growing because of its consistent and reliable performance and support for a wide range of formats and codecs. You can install VLC to play MKV files and other formats without installing any special plugin. You can even set it as a default media player on mac.

Mkv Extract Audio Mac

Go to the VLC’s website and download the latest package or click this link.

It opens the download page and beings the download in a few seconds.

Once the download is finished. Double click the package in the Downloads to install it.

As it unwraps the container, you’ll see the window like the one below, you have to drag the traffic cone to the applications folder by clicking and holding the icon.

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It would prompt you with an authentication pop-up, Click ‘Authenticate’ button to begin the installation.

It may ask you the login credentials. Enter the administrator username and password and click ‘Modify Settings‘.

VLC media player would install and now you can play any MKV file with VLC media player. Simply right-click the MKV file and select ‘Open With’. Click on the VLC icon. It begins to play the video without a hiccup.


  • Support for a wide variety of Plugins
  • Native support for MKV
  • Sleek UI


  • Problems with 4K playback

3. Play MKV Files on Mac With Handbrake

If for any reason, you can’t use the above two methods. Converting the MKV files to a supported format is the best option. Using a web converter is both time-consuming and slow, considering you have to first upload, convert, and then download the converted file again.

Handbrake is an open-sourced video transcoder that is used to rip DVDs and it also lets you convert MKV files to mp4. Mac 10 s connected for life. Installing Handbrake on your mac would take no more than five minutes. Go to the website or click this link to download the installer package.


Start by clicking the downloaded package in the Downloads folder.

It would open the container and you can click on the Handbrake icon to launch the converter.

To select an MKV file for conversion, click the ‘Open Source’ button on the top left corner of the window.

Select the file from the computer by browsing to the desired folder.

After selecting the file(s), you can select presets, and adjust video duration. You can edit dimensions, filters, video, audio of the output file. After you’re done with the tweaks, choose the output folder, and click start.

After the conversion, The output file is automatically stored to the destination address. You can open the folder and play the file on any media player or send to other devices using iTunes.

Mkv Extract Macos


Mkvextract For Mac

  • Multiple files can be converted at once
  • Multiple presets are available
  • Full control over dimensions, audio, chapters, etc


Mkv Extract Subtitles Mac

  • Only converts to MP4

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3 Ways to Play MKV Files on a Mac

These were 3 ways with which you can play MKV files on a Mac. Installing a Plugin is the easiest way to play MKV files if you don’t want to move to a new media player considering QuickTime is already powerful. Installing a VLC is my recommended choice because it gives you so much more than just MKV playback, even AirPlay(coming soon). Handbrake is best when you need to convert and transfer the file to the iPhone, iPad, and iPod. This gives you more control over the quality and you can optimize the video for specific devices. Tell us which method would you use to play MKV files on a mac.

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