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Modder ‘maxirp’ has released an amazing Iron Man mod for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Now contrary to other character swap mods, this is a full-fledged Iron Man. This basically means. The CLEO 4 Mod takes the first spot on my list because it basically enables most of the.

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Good day! This mod adds a 10-gun US-made Mac10 pistol to San Andreas. Do not pay attention to the position in the second hand of Sigee. Just there is a curve animation.
• Envelope without loss of quality;
• Qualitative textures;
• Normally sits in the hands of the main character;
• Icon in the style of GTA SA;
• The fire comes from the muzzle;
• Have your own sounds.

The file is not allowed to be uploaded to GTA Vice and!

Mods → New weapons
TheCrazyGamer, Schmung, WangChung, Vunsunta, Valve, Smith, F8pc

Gta San Andreas Download Mac

')' onmouseout='hide_info(this)'>TheCrazyGamer, Schmung, WangChung, Vunsunta, Valve, Smith, F8pc
1.03 Mb

San Andreas Mod Menu

micro_uzi.dff, ..

Dodge Charger Super Bee 426 Hemi (WS23) 1971

Features: → Qualitative model envelope from the game CSR: Classics → 2 extras → 4 paintwork (+ body scan and rusty body texture) → Support for two colors → Support for CA numbers and CA-colors → Support your own texture of burning headlight..

Dodge Challenger R / T Hemi 426

Excellent model from FM3. Replaces Clover. Features: - Damage, - HQLM optics, - Realistic headlights.

1971 Pontiac Lemans Hardtop Coupe

So, I present my new envelope - Pontiac Lemans Hardtop Coupe V8 5.7L of the 1971 model year from Driver: San Francisco (in the screenshots - version with IVF, in the archive there is also a model and not adapted for it). Features of the model: * Goo..

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