Native Instruments Traktor Pro 2 For Mac

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What is the difference between Native Instruments Traktor Pro 2 and Pioneer Rekordbox? Find out which is better and their overall performance in the DJ software ranking. Is compatible with Mac OS X. Native Instruments Traktor Pro 2. Pioneer Rekordbox. Native Instruments Traktor Pro 1.2.4 Full PC - MAC Size: 152 MB for PC 219 MB for MAC Quote: Traktor PRO is the latest incarnation of the DJ software that is often referred to as industry standard.


Native Instruments Traktor Pro 2 For Mac Pro

Native instruments traktor pro 2 for mac os
Native Instruments Traktor Pro macOS 395 MB.

Native Instruments Traktor 2 Download

TRAKTOR PRO DJ software is the industry leader, four decks and an impressive array of creative features designed for professional DJ. 4 software platforms DJ industry leader with unmatched professional features. Boxes innovative creative mixes with compatible hardware mother. Powerful loop, over 40 effects, plus one Macro control button.

What’s new:

New Interface
We reviewed the user interface of TRAKTOR for clarity to flatten it and sharpen it , so you can see everything you need at a glance in difficult environments. The new level measurement channel and master means can get accurately mixing with complete visual feedback.
Whether you are sharp drops or smooth transitions that define their style, the new FX Mixer is designed for modulation of a single button with great sound results. Choose from eight additional effects and three new filters to assign each channel, plus the famous Deck FX TRAKTOR.
TRAKTOR SCRATCH is now included in TRAKTOR PRO 3, from the first moment. This means that the DJ using DVS timecode vinyl can now use any sound card that you like, as well as sound cards and mixer TRAKTOR SCRATCH certified certificates. So if there is a model to do it for you, or if you are playing again with someone in a different configuration, TRAKTOR can adapt.
TRAKTOR interface redesigned to be lighter, flatter, more agile and easier to see through the haze of the club. New designs measurement and attenuator let you get your mix more accurately. Instantly access controls clock, quantize master output and a master panel redesigned. TRAKTOR PRO 3 maintains workflows of their predecessors, so the change is easy.
From small systems to large platforms for festivals, we have made changes that will help you sound good wherever you play. Each signal processing step in TRAKTOR has been refined taking into account the high fidelity sound. Keep confidence with changing heavy rhythm using the new stretch of time Elastique 3. Run your tracks through the TRAKTOR limiter classic, warm or with a strong touch, or a limiter truly transparent and master new design that will not hide sound, even by combining multiple tracks and samples.
Experimentation should be easy, so we developed a new Mixer FX on each channel to provide control one touch on the huge club level effects. These are excellent tools for sound exploration Failsafe: reverb soaked voices for relentless transitions to industrial music, mayhem with crushing bits, or intensify things with different delays, and more. Choose from eight new FX Mixer and three filters and assign them to a dedicated slot for fast modulation.
Not only the effects can increase your performance. Hold the new Reverse button to play a deck backwards, because it works with Flux mode, leave it in motion will mean that jump to where would have been if he had not done anything, in perfect sync with the other decks. Create percussion parts changed or hidden message voices and sound effects combine them with another dimension. Flow mode also works with hotcues, loops and scratching, at times when you need a super tight rhythm, but you can not help cut things.
For enthusiasts of DVS, TRAKTOR PRO 3 sees the ability TRAKTOR SCRATCH included as standard. Scratch DJs can now use our vinyl timecode with any sound card that you like: simply connect the turntable or CD players to your sound card and turn. So, in addition to reproduce their findings excavation boxes, you can cut, scrape and turn their rhythms without ruining your wax.

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