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The Qt Creator interface, with the Design section shown on the left. To create a.ui file go to File - New File or Project. In the window that appears select Qt under Files and Classes on the left, then select Qt Designer Form on the right. You'll notice the icon has 'ui' on it, showing the type of file you're creating. QT Creator Mac 1. Make sure your Mac OS X version is up-to-date. Before you do anything else, you'll need to update your operating. Install and Run Xcode. Though we will use Qt Creator for our programs in CS 106B, Mac OS X requires you to install. Download and install Qt Creator.

1) Ensure system is up-to-date

Before installation, ensure your macOS operating system is current. Select  menu -> 'System Preferences' -> 'Software Update' and check whether any OS updates are available. If so, install them first and only then proceed with the rest of this installation guide. In order to install QtCreator, you need to have a version of MacOS that is >= 10.13. If this is not possible for you, please reach out to the course staff ASAP.

Qt Creator For Mac

2) Install Xcode tools

Apple's developer tools are bundled as a part of Xcode. Installing Xcode provides the C++ compiler that is used by Qt Creator.

To identify the correct version of Xcode to install, you need to know which OS you are running. Go to the  menu -> 'About This Mac' and read the macOS version number.

  • If you are running the macOS Catalina >= 10.15, you can install Xcode directly from App Store using the instructions below.
  • If your macOS is 10.14 or older, you need an older version of Xcode. In particular, MacOS 10.14 is compatible with Xcode version 11.3, and MacOS 10.13 is compatible with Xcode version 10.1. You can find older versions of Xcode at Apple Developer Downloads. Find the appropriate .xip file for your macOS version and then follow the second set of instructions below.

To install from App Store:

  • Select  menu - > 'App Store…'.
  • Search for Xcode. Download and install.

To install from Apple Developer Downloads: - Find and download the .xip file for the appropriate version of Xcode give your macOS version. - Once the file has downloaded, unzip the archive and install XCode. - Once Xcode has installed, you must drag the XCode icon into your Applications folder. After you have done this, open Xcode from the Applications folder by double-clicking on the icon and then follow the remaining instructions below.

Xcode is a very large app, so the download and stallation will take some time, and can be anywhere from 1-4 hours depending on your network connection speed. If your computer does not have enough space for Xcode, or if the download will take prohibitively long (more than 24 hours) due to the quality of your internet connection, reach out to Nick for alternate installation instructions. Free ntfs driver for macos.

3) Run Xcode once

Qt Creator Mac Install

After downloading Xcode, you have to actually launch the Xcode application one time to install its components.You can open Xcode using Spotlight (the magnifying glass at the top right of your screen) and typing in 'Xcode'.Click 'Agree' to accept the License Agreement and enter your password if prompted. Watch the progress bar 'Installing components…'. When it finishes, you may exit Xcode and do not need to launch it ever again for this course.

4) Download the Qt Creator installer

The Qt Creator official download site is https://www.qt.io/download-qt-installer.When you go to this site, it should detect that your computer is running MacOS and recommend the installer 'Qt Online Installer for Mac OS'. Click the green 'Download' button to download the installer.

5) Run the Qt Creator installer

The downloaded installer is named something like qt-unified-mac-version.dmg. Double-click to mount the disk image and launch the installer.

The graphical installer launches and walks you through a set of steps. For most steps, you can use the default settings and simply click 'Next' or 'Agree' to move on, with the following exceptions:

  • At the Qt Account step, you will have to create your own Qt Account.
  • At the Select Components step:
    • Select the highest-numbered Qt version. As of June 17, the latest release is Qt 5.15.0. Do not select any version labeled 'Preview' or 'Alpha' or 'Beta'.
    • IMPORTANT: You must also select the macOS kit component. Expand the 'Qt' triangle, then expand the triangle with Qt version number, then click the checkbox labeled 'macOS'. If you are tight on disk space, you can un-check every other checkbox except for 'macOS', as shown in the screenshot below.

6) Confirm installation

IMPORTANT: Follow the check step instructions to build and run our sample project that confirm your Qt Creator is installed properly and works correctly.

Qt creator for mac

Qt Creator Mac Tutorial

7) Configure settings (optional)

For a better experience, we suggest changing some of the default settings, see our recommended configuration settings.

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