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  1. Added support for the 'remoteapplicationcmdline' RDP file setting for remote app scenarios. The title of the session window now includes the name of the RDP file (and server name) when launched from an RDP file. Fixed reported RD gateway performance issues. Fixed reported RD gateway crashes.
  2. On windows, you need the RDP client 6.1 to use TS Gateway Server. On Macs, it appears you are out of luck: Microsoft's RDP client for Mac v2 does not support Gateway Server. Is there any RDP client available for Macs that support Gateway Server? Mac rdp terminal-server windows-terminal-services.

Dear FreeRDP Community,

As you might know FreeRDP is the leading, most up-to-date open sourceimplementation of the RDP protocol suite. A lot of people are using ourproject on a variety of platforms for both - private and commercial use,including Microsoft itself.

With the increasing popularity of remote desktop and desktop virtualization solutions during these difficult timesincluding freeRDP, we are receiving more and more support requests fromusers using FreeRDP.

Therefore we want to highlight again the most important links for FreeRDP: Mp4 media converter for mac windows 10.

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Thanks for the help so far and stay healthy.

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This forum is for Apple's Remote Desktop and therefore not for you. Microsoft's Remote Desktop forum is here:

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You should have a word with your network administrator and ask them the question. FWIW I think there's a certificate or a protocol setting that needs to be configured somewhere that will allow your Mac to 'pass-through'. This could be something built-in on a PC or pre-configured when your IT department roll out the setting to their PC clients. Be patient and persistent and don't let them fob you off simply because you're on a Mac and not a PC. They should be supporting you properly irrespective of platform. It's their job after all

Apr 3, 2020 4:17 AM

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