Root Password For Mac Os X

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In light of the recent security concerns with macOS that allows anyone to easily gain root access ( Feb 19, 2015 A simple command line tool appropriately called ‘dsenableroot’ will quickly enable the root user account in Mac OS X. At it’s most simple form, simply type ‘dsenableroot’ into the Terminal prompt, enter the users password, then enter and verify a root user password.% dsenableroot username = Paul user password: root password. Jan 09, 2018 Enable The Root Account. Open System Preferences, and then open the “Users & Groups” item. In the “Users & Groups” window, click the lock at bottom left, enter your password, and then click the “Login Options” link just above the lock.

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This is how you go about resetting your password in case you or another has forgotten it.

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If you have the 10.6 install disk hold c or option/alt key and boot off the 10.6 disk and use the Password Reset under the Utilities menu, you will need a wired or built in keyboard.

Then reset the keychain:

If you dont' have the 10.6 install disk, then hold command s and boot the machine into Single User Mode (aka root).

type and press return after each bold command

Enter the new password twice followed by returns then


exit (to continue booting OS X)


reboot (to reboot the machine)


shutdown (to shutdown the machine)

Then reset the keychain:

If you see a lock appear and it asks for a password there, that's a firmware password.

You will to enter the password or need the OS X install disk compatible with that machine and hold the option key while booting to select it, then reset the firmware password.

You will need to know the password, that's the purpose of the firmware password to totally lock the machine down.

Root Password Mac Os X

If you have such machine and it's not yours or was purchased used, you need to contact the owner or Apple to unlock it for you.

Firmware passwords lock the machine so it can't be easily repaired using techniques available to you and others.

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For most users and their personal needs I advise against setting one, having only a few things needed encrypted on a external USB thumb drive or hard drive without locking the whole machine from repair is something the best choice for most consumers.

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