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Shazam is also advancing itself as a visual recognition app that can describe posters, magazines, books and even scan QR codes, with the tap of a camera. ATTENTION: Download Final Cut Pro for Mac Full Version. Here is how to download Shazam for PC or laptop on windows 7/8/8.1/10 & Mac. Download Shazam for PC Link: The Shazam app on PC will work by using an Android emulator on a compu.

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Since its launch Shazam has been the leading name among music discovery apps. With a clean interface and instant discovery options, the Mac version lets you catch music from the radio, TV shows, and movies. What’s best? The app runs in the background, allowing you to continue with other tasks while Shazam ‘matches it all’.

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Easily discover and share songs!

The perfect way to discover music from around the world.

One of the most popular music apps, Shazam enables you to discover millions of songs anywhere, anytime. The app tells you the name of the artist and the track you hear during a commercial, in a TV show, on the radio, or anywhere else. If your Mac mic can hear it, Shazam can instantly find it for you.

The Mac version of the app not only finds music, but also tags the songs you come across. You can check out similar music or visit links to purchase the songs. One big advantage Shazam has over competitors is the ability to read along with the lyrics. With Shazam, you can view upcoming concerts, and do a lot more.

Quick access from the Menu Bar

Once you start Shazam, it keeps running in the background. With a small icon fixed to your Menu Bar at the top of the screen, it’s very easy to access. The app does a good job of identifying any music playing around the speakers. It’s kind of a run-and-forget deal, which lets you focus on other tasks while not missing out on music discovery.

Instant Music Discovery

Once the app identifies a song, you’ll notice a pop-up on the upper left-hand corner of the screen. With a single-click on the pop-up, you can visit the Shazam page displaying information about the artist, track, and album. It also shares links to apps like iTunes and Spotify, where you can purchase the song. In fact, clicking the links will allow you to purchase other songs from the album too.

The pop-up doesn’t disrupt your workflow and disappears within a few seconds. It doesn’t mean you have to act quickly to check out the song. You can continue with whatever you’re doing and visit the app later.

There’s a ‘Song History’ section. Just click the Shazam icon at the top of your screen, and you’ll be able to view a list of all the songs identified by the app. Consider it a music-focused version of your web browsing history.

A major advantage of Shazam is the ability to identify music in noisy surroundings. Whether you’re in a quiet room or a loud space, the app has no trouble picking up sounds. Whatever gets played in the vicinity is identified instantly.

Unlike its competitors, Shazam also lets you read lyrics, whenever available. It makes the app more engaging and fun. Additionally, you can use Shazam in dark mode, which has been introduced in the latest update for macOS.

Easy-to-use customization options

Shazam Download For Mac

In case you want a break from pop-ups, Shazam has an on/off button. Using the ‘gear’ icon located on the right side of the on/off button, you can permit the app to run automatically, or not, once you log in to your Mac.

Shazam has built-in sharing options for Twitter and Facebook. Unfortunately, you can share only about the app’s existence on your Mac. The app doesn’t tell your friends what you’re listening to at any given moment.

Shazam Download For Mac

Shazam is completely free, and offers numerous benefits to anyone interested in music discovery. It’s already a good enough reason to try the app. The interface is clean, and the app works without any lags. Moreover, it comes with support for multiple languages, including French, Italian, German, Dutch, Japanese, Russian, and more.

What’s the best part? You don’t have to worry about ads popping-up on your screen. It would have been good to get rid of pop-ups without turning off the app. But that’s just a minor disadvantage that looks bleak as compared to several other benefits.

Where can you run this program?

Shazam is available for multiple platforms, which allows quick cross-platform syncing. For Mac, it requires 64-bit processor and macOS 10.12 or above.

Is there a better alternative?

While Shazam is an excellent choice, you might want to consider a few other options. If you want a familiar interface, iTunes will be a good choice. However, performance is one of the biggest issues, since the app runs slow most of the time.

To check out music from independent artists around the world, try Soundcloud. Be aware that you might not be able to find popular songs available on other music apps. Spotify is another good choice, but the free version has limited features.

Our take

Shazam is an excellent choice for music discovery. If any sound is within range of your speakers, the app will detect the song and provide you with track information. There are times when you come across some good tunes but can’t recognize them instantly. Shazam will help you identify the music, so you’re never without your favorite tunes.

Should you download it?

Yes, definitely! Shazam is a useful, easy-to-use, and fun app. While using it on your Mac, you can learn about songs playing in the vicinity. With a clean interface, music discovery is effortless and instant. Just turn it on, and let it run in the background to do its magic.

Download Shazam For Mac Os


Hello, friends in this article I am going to discuss how to download Shazam for pc?

So, if you looking to download and run the Shazam app on your pc then you are in right place.

Now first thing many of you don’t know about this app then below is some details about the Shazam app.

With the Shazam app, you can identify music, movies, television shows, etc same you can see in the Starmaker app on pc.

It recognizes it with the help of short sample audio or video, you just need to play it on your phone microphone.

This app is available for android, iOS, and macOS. In the windows, you cannot find this app because it is not available in the windows store.

Actually, this app was developed by four guys in 1999 but in 2019 Apple acquired that company.

And now this app has millions of active users who used this app regularly.

Now the problem is you cannot find this app on the windows store. So the question is how windows users can get benefits from this app.

I have a solution to use this app on the windows pc. Yes, you can use the Shazam app on your pc with the help of the Android or iOS emulator.

So, if you want to download this app for pc then follow below step by step process here is the same process we used in podcast addict pc:

Download Shazam For PC – Mac and Windows 7/8/10

As I discussed before that we must need an android emulator to run the Shazam app on pc.

Here in our case, I used a bluestacks android emulator. You can use any of your choices.

  • First, download and save the below zip file on your pc. And then extract those files in one folder.
  • Now double click on the bluestacks installer and install the bluestacks on your pc. It will take some time to depend on your internet speed.
  • Once it installed then open the bluestacks and click on the play store icon available on the main dashboard.
  • Now in the play store click on the search bar and search for the Shazam app.
  • On the next step click on the app and you will the install button so just click on that button.
  • Here it will take a few seconds and the Shazam app will installed on your pc and you can open this app by clicking on the open button.

Below you can see the screenshots of shazam on pc. And now you can use this app on your pc.

How to install the Shazam app on your pc?

Here one thing is possible that many of you might be getting some error with the play store.

Or maybe you cannot download the app from the play store for some errors or reasons.

So, if you are one of them then follow the below steps to install the Shazam app on your pc with the apk file.

  • First, open the bluestacks emulator and click on those three dots.
  • Now there are two options are available so click on the first on ‘select apk’.
  • On the next step select the apk file which you extract earlier in one particular folder and click on the open.
  • It will take some time to install and you can verify it by the icon. If the icon is clear then it installed successfully in your pc.

Now you can use shazam for pc and below is a screenshot of how the shazam app looks on the windows computer.

Before you go here are some best features of the shazam app which will help you to understand the app.

Some Best Features of this app

Shazam Download For Microsoft

So, guy here is some best features of the shazam app available on Shazam for pc.

  • The first thing is this app is available for thee free so you don’t have to pay anything to use this app.
  • The accuracy of this app is very good and it will find a really great result and I am sure it doesn’t disappoint you.
  • This app is not only finding the song name it also finds the artist name, album, and other necessary details.

Shazam Free Download For Mac

These are some pros of this app and here I mention some of them and others you can find by using this app also read the tiktok app article.


In the conclusion of Shazam for pc is that this app is not available for pc so we used an android emulator to run this app on our pc.

So, in this article, you saw a complete process to download and install shazam for your windows 7/8/10 pc.

In the last any of you are getting any issue during the installation or facing problems during the shazam installation then you can ask me in the comment box.

I will defiantly help you to solve your problem. Make sure you subscribe to our blog because all the updates will publish as an article update and you will get notification of it.

Before you go I recommended you read the google home app article where I discussed how you can download this app on your pc.

And if you like this article shazam for pc then don’t forget to share it on your social media and also on the WhatsApp groups.

Thank you so much for your love and support 😊.

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