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I appreciate the reply to my query about bit-depth export in SilverFast SE. I would like now to inquire about Ai. I could not find this information on the site, except as regards the upcoming version of Ai for Mac OS X.
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I am using an Epson Perfection 2450 scanner which is capable of sending 48-bit color depth positives and negatives to Photoshop 6 via Epson Twain. I would prefer to use SilverFast as it is of course a much superior program. At this time my operating system is Mac OS 9.0.4. I will not be upgrading to OS X for some months.
CatalinaWill the present version 5.5 of Silverfast Ai transmit 48 bit data, raw or otherwise, to Photoshop 6? Alternatively, will the upcoming new version of SilverFast Ai for scanners support OS 9 as well as OS 10?
I would like to purchase SilverFast Ai if it will serve in OS 9 (at this time) as a driver for the Epson 2450 Perfection and deliver 48 bit data to Photoshop 6.
Again, I thank you for your help.Mac Snow Leopard 10.6.7Silverfast Ai For Mac
Epson Perfection V700 Photo Scanner
Silverfast Ai Studio 6.6.2r4a
April 26, 2011 - Happy Easter
Just installed Adobe CS5.5 Master Suite that contains Photoshop CS5.1
The Silverfast plug-in that comes with Ai Studio 6.6.2r4a says: SilverFast (Epson_CS3).plugin is ancient history. I understand that CS5.5 is 64bit, however CS5 has been around for nearly a year already. Yes, the Standalone Silverfast application works but I need it to work with Photoshop?

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Silverfast Ai For Mac Osx

Please provide us with an updated CS5x plugin. Thanks!
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