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Thehistory of ClarisWorks
How to put
multipleMac operating systems on yourMac.
ClassicMac Resource Page
Apps thatwill run in 68000 Macs. find older hard to find and outof print software
Mac apps inSpanish
InternetExplorer for Mac and PC's

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Pacify is a horror game that will take you on an eerie adventure inside a haunted house.In this game, you will play as a paranormal hunter who decides to investigate an old house that is allegedly evil, or at least that is what the neighbors claimed. Pacify is a very frightening game that will make you believe in ghosts and other supernatural creatures.

Download software for Mac. Download Soundflower, Netflix, VLC media player and more. Mac Freeware Mac 68k Games site and more - games More old games Pacman game - looks just like the original. Works on color Macs only. MacMan game - just like Pacman, works on a Plus on up (even my iMac!) Some Old Mac Network Games From Rick VanDerveer Star Wars - cool vector graphics arcade game. Works on the Plus with sound. Download apps for Windows, games for Windows: Softonic. Apps (3 days ago) Download free Windows apps from Softonic. What's my wifi password mac. Safe and 100% virus-free. Discover apps for Windows, Windows, Mac and mobile, tips, tutorials and videos, and much more. The website created to help you enjoy the best software.


EudoraLite 1.5.5 - Thisone works on a Plus under system 7 or up.
EudoraLite 1.3.1 forsystem 6.


ValueFax,a shareware program that's small (2.5 MB RAM and 2 MB of disk spacerequired). Also runs on 6.0.5 or higher on anything 'better' than aPlus.



GetYour Compact Mac On the Web!!

Here's everything you need toget that ole doorstop online

Yes, Virginia, you CAN get anold black and white Mac on the web. This Doc Maker application givesyou all the juicy details. Mentioned in Mac Addict and MacUsermagazines. Over 20,000 downloads so far.

  • Get Your Compact Mac on the Web - HTML version (sorry, no pics. Maybe some day)
  • Get Your Compact Mac on the Web (Doc Maker Application)
  • Get Your Compact Mac on the Web (Text Version)
  • Get Your Compact Mac On the Web! (HyperCard Version) Needs HyperCard Player or HyperCard 2.1 or up.

Other Classic InternetSoftware

DownloadAOL Instant Messenger for 68kMacs here

and here

ZTerm- From Polarnet's web site, popular terminal emulation program forMacs. Works on the 512 or up.

HyperCardstack of theabove tutorial.

WannaBe Text Only Web Browser- great little(490k!) browser for PowerMacs and 68k Macs. Needs 7.1 and the DragManager and Thread Manager or 7.5 or up to run. PPC Version uses 2.2megs.

MacLynx- text only web browser

MattiHaveri's FAQ's -68000 FAQ, Internet FAQ for older Macs, more


Try BiPlane.It's shareware ($29) and is MS Excel compatible. System 6.03 and up,needs 1 meg of ram!

SumIt - works on a Plus or up, needssytem 7.
MarinerLE - another tiny spreadsheetwith a tiny ram footprint.


Tonsof cool System 6 add ons
Somegreat shareware folr older and newMacs.
Using StuffitExpander and System 7.1 (it's notsupposed to work)
Moreold Mac software, drivers,etc..

Softonic Games For Pc

Upgrading7.1 - add Apple's Drag and Dropfeatures to System 7.1
ThreadManager - Give 7.1 another 7.5feature
CyberDogand OpenDoc- although disontinued and no longer supported by Apple, it's anotheralternative to bloatware browsers.
HTMLPro - great little WYSIWYG HTMLauthorware that works on a 020 or up.
StickyClick - gives you sticky menusunder System 7
Startupdisk for the HD20 SCSi harddrive - use thisif you are setting up the drive for the first time.
DART- Converts disk images forl olderMacs - you'll need this to open up the software below.
AppleTape backup utility for the Apple40 meg tape backup drive.
HomeAutomation LinksSoftonic games free(Mac Plus or up)
StuffitExpander 3.5.1 -the latest version taht works on a Plus as far as I know.
CDSunrise is ageneric CD ROM driver (no audio support) that works on MOST mac SCSIcd rom drives.
DesktopManager allowsApple CD ROM drive to work on an older Mac.
Very cool
sharewareutilities for olderMacs.
HackingApple's DriveSetup to see nonApple drives
CompactPro is a great compression appfor Macs including the Plus under system 6! Also runs on my iMac RevB. Most software on my web site was stuffed with it.
Painting,a great little PPC and 68k painting app.
Soundsyou can use for HyperCard stacks and other uses.
Moreapps andutilities

Softonic Games For Pc Windows 10

forsystem 6
AOLMac archiveSoftonic -lots of cools stuff - get it while you can, I have a feeling this oldstuff won't be up much longer.
MoreSystem 6utilities.
System6 INITS andCdevs
HowTo Turn System 6 Into System 7 Withfreeware
AdobeAcrobat Reader 1.0 for System 6Macs.
UsingKaleidescope on B&WMacs.
Anotherpage on using shareware and free software to beef up your oldOS.

Softonic Free Download Games For Mac

Car Games For Mac Softonic

  • Analyse+
  • AutoBlack
  • AutoBlack 2
  • Bombs
  • Camera
  • canvas Da - must have a copy of canvas
  • ChangeFont 1.03 - change your system font under system 6
  • Choose ScrapBook+ - multiple scrapbook
  • ChooseCDEV_
  • Commander 2.0 - commands for modems
  • Commands 1.0 - ommands for modems
  • DeskZap 1.3
  • DevTools 2.2
  • DiskInfo 1.43
  • Earthplot 3.0
  • Immortality 0.93
  • LockOUT v1.0
  • MiniDraw
  • Molasses
  • Pyro!_ - screen saver
  • Reverse Screen INIT
  • Saviour
  • SetFile
  • ShutDownSound INIT
  • Stuffit 1.13
  • Stuffit v1.10
  • Tab Expander DA
  • Typer DA
  • UnStuffIt 1.00
  • Windows 2.0
  • Area Code Find
  • MacSpin.sit.hqx


    REALBasic webring - todays HyperCard works on 68020 Macs and up.
    REALBasic mailing lists
    REALBAsic search engine
    HyperCard XCMD's for REALBasic
    HyperCard officially dead?
    Programming for System 6
    Serf - a new alternative to HyperCard
    SuperCard - an oldie but goodie alternative to HyperCard (new version just shipped).
    MetaCard - runs on Intel, Unix and Mac, but expensive.
    HyperStudio - Many schools use it, it is a little less powerful than HC or SC.
    Apple's own free MPW
    MOPS - a robust and powerful public-domain development system for the Macintosh.With Forth and Smalltalk parentage, Mops has extensive OOP capabilities including multiple inheritance, and a class library supporting the Macintosh interface
    REALBasic - very cool HyperCard-Meets-Basic programming environment. Let's you make Windoze or Mac apps with ease.
    MacInTouch's old software forum - lists many emails pertaining to old programs that have resurfaced as free. Very interesting reading.
    Think Pascal 4.5 is now free.
    TrueBasic - written by the original writers of Basic back in 1964.
    Chipmunk Basic - Really cool freeware starter kit for novice programmers. Runs on the 512k to the new blue and white G3's.
    MacZoop - Freeware C++ object oriented programming.
    HyperCard - what can I say? Probably THE easiest programing language out there. This is where Visual Basic, Director, mTropolis, Myst, and thousands of home - made applications came from. Even the World Wide Web owes much of itself to Bill Atkinson's HyperCard. Highly highly recommended for beginner programmers as well as database admins, game makers, listserve moms, and kids of all ages.
    Apple's MPW Pascal for 68k Macs.

    HyperCard Links

    Wired article on HyperCard
    History of the Apple logo
    Alternatives to HyperCard (HC is not compatible with OS X)
    Great HyperCard article from 1987
    Univsersity of Michigan FTP site
    Info-Mac FTP Site
    Info-Mac Web Site
    Apple's HC Community Page
    Teach Yourself HC
    HyperCard Resource Page
    Jeanne's House 'O HyperCard
    HyperCard 10th Anniversay Stack
    HyperScan - A HyperCard stack that allows you to scan directly into HyperCard stacks.

    Music/Sound Software

    MusicTime - works on a Classic or up (should work on a Plus or up too, it's the same chip.
    Super Studio Session - Free MIDI software - Mac Plus or up.
    Using older Macs for MIDI
    More older Macs and MIDI
    MIDI Tool for older Macs
    Make your own Mac MIDI interface
    A sampler for ancient Macs as well and G4's
    MIDI Musician
    VERY old MIDI app for Macs

    Mac Freeware
    Mac 68k Games site
    and more - games
    More old gamesPacman game - looks just like the original. Works on color Macs only.
    MacMan game - just like Pacman, works on a Plus on up (even my iMac!)
    Some Old Mac Network Games From Rick VanDerveer
    Star Wars - cool vector graphics arcade game. Works on the Plus with sound.
    bolo homepage:
    bolo tracker:
    bolo ftp archive:
    Hundreds of black and white
    games awaiting your arrival.
    Kids Domain
    Old Mac software

    System Software

    Using shareware to turn 7.1 into 7.6
    Good article on the history of the Mac OS.
    All about the early M
    ac OS by Andy Mesa
    Minimum requirements for Mac OS 7.1 - 7.6 including all about system enablers.
    What's In the System Folder? - a brief tutorial for newbies.
    Interesting comparison of Mac OS 1 and Mac OS 7.
    Mac System software history form 1.0 to 8.6. Pretty interesting..
    Installing Mac OS 7.5.3
    Mas OS system enablers and the systems they go with.
    What's a system enabler?
    Upgrading 7.1 -add Apple's Drag and Drop features to System 7.1
    Thread Manager - Give 7.1 another 7.5 feature
    What Operating System should I use on my older Mac and where can I get it?
    MODE32 - I can't believe I didn't put this up a long time ago.. if you have a 32 bit 'dirty' Mac such as the II, IIx, IIfx, IIcx or SE/30 and you have more than 8 megs of ram, you'll need MODE 32. That's the simple explanation.
    Make a Mac boot disc on a PC - previously impossible
    Finder Heap Fix for system 7.5.5 - give the finder more memory (and fewer crashes)
    Go to for System 6.x, 7.0 and 7.0.1.
    Get OS 6.08 here.
    Sign the
    Abandonware Petition to persuade the software companies to give away older apps for older Macs.
    System 7.5.3 is now free! Update it to 7.5.5 for free too!
    Where to download Mac OS - from system .97 to 7.5.5.
    Memory requirements of all 68k compatible Mac operating systems.
    Apple's Support For Older OS's (Apple TIL)
    Apple's Software Updates Page
    The really old Systems from the Mac 512 UG
    Macintosh System Downloads from Low End Mac
    McOrphan's System 6 Page
    Apple HD SC Setup Patch - lets you format a non-Apple drive. (Runs on all 68k Macs, some PowerMacs).Drive
    Mas OS system enablers and the systems they go with.
    Using Kaleidescope on B&W Macs.
    Another page on using shareware and free software to beef up your old OS.
    System 6 tips and tricks and software.
    Word Processors

    Nisus Compact - works under system 6 all the way up to 9.
    TexEdit - works under system 6 all the way up to 9. Speaks text under system 7 with speech software
    installed, opens picts.
    BBEdit Lite - opens just about anything, works under system 6 thru 9.


    Older Macintosh Driver Software From Bhavesh Patel
    Old HP Drivers For Classic Macs
    LIDO is a great Mac SCSI driver formatter.
    Mac Ethernet Drivers
    Daystar Drivers - not free
    MicroMac Drivers Page
    The Electronic Phoenix Project - saving old out of print software form extinction.
    The Classic Mac Driver Museum Forum - find a long lost driver
    More old Mac software, drivers, etc..
    • Apple 3.1
    • CD Technology
    • Chinon
    • Metro Cd
    • NEC
    • PLI

    s©1996-04 JagWerks Media

Download games - and keep them. Multiplayer capable games are now available as downloads – and, what’s more, many are completely free. As gaming culture has evolved, so has the technology to support it, and the range now extends from classic Arcade games through to Strategy and Simulation games, to card games for rainy days. Safe and virus-free fun for all ages, games are well worth adding to favourites. Bright, colourful graphics and smooth game-play all help build atmosphere as players reach their goals.

Softonic Software Download For Pc

For many, Counter Strike in team-play mode is one of the top action games for taking out the terrorists and launching missions against the enemy in a 3D environment. Despite being around for quite some time it is still the first-person shoot-‘em-up of choice. There are many adrenaline inducing games available to download, like Pro Flight Simulator which, allows players to take to the skies and navigate their aircraft through a three-dimensional airspace. Or maybe it’s more preferable to play driving games like Super Police Racing to get a thrilling gaming experience.

Fed up of losing? The solution is Cheat Engine 6.1, allowing modifications to games to make them easier – or more difficult. A tutorial will lead beginners through the Cheat Engine and as an open source tool it benefits from frequent updates and improvements. Variables and shortcuts can be mapped and exploited within the computer’s memory. Modern evolutions of the classic combat scenario include Combat Arms, offering improved graphics and a wider choice of weapons.

Gamers of a certain age will relish the prospect of getting a chance to revisit Super Mario Bros X, which pits the intrepid plumbers against a host of foes from previous editions of the game. For a good old-fashioned race against time, free games download Minecraft follows on from those geometric Tetris-like 2D games of yesteryear, allowing players to build shelters and other structures against the clock before monsters come out at night. This free games download can be personalised, making it even more difficult to tear yourself away. Even old favourites like solitaire card games, Bridge and Texas Hold ‘Em are available to download and play.

For a gaming experience set in a virtual environment, Zoo Tycoon will permit players to construct, populate and manage their own zoo from the ground up. Tasks and scenarios are dropped into the game by virtual “park managers” to challenge players, and players must attend to animals while balancing budgets. Less demanding, perhaps, but equally entertaining is the free games download 12-Ants, which will allow you to direct the ants to attack the cursor on your homepage.

Why choose Soft32? Individual submissions from software developers come in daily and are checked for viruses and made available for download. All desktop management software on has been tested to ensure it is 100% free from spyware, viruses and other malware. Daily software picks span all areas of interest and compatibility, from mobiles to Windows and Mac. Honest feedback, pros and cons, and user reviews will help in choosing games that are right for you.

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