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StuffIt is primarily a Mac OS Free russian english dictionary for mac. format for file compressionand archiving. Unlike most other standards, it was designed with theMac OS dual-forked file structure in mind, andhas the capability to store several files and even entire folderhierarchies in one stuffed archive.

Although StuffIt is still sometimes used in Mac OS X, Appleand many other developers now distribute programs as diskimages instead. In OS X 10.4 (Tiger), Apple stopped bundlingStuffIt Expander with the operating system, though it isstill available for download.

Apple's built-in Archive Utility manages to satisfy the needs of most Mac users, but if you still work with.sit and.sitx archives you might need to use Stuffit Expander. Stuffit Expander is a free and easy-to-use decompression utility that comes with support for over 30 different archive formats. Extract archives So you downloaded this file you can't open? Don't be fooled by the name — Archiver is a highly versatile unarchiver that can unpack pretty much any archive you throw at it. With Archiver you can extract RAR, StuffIt, Zip, 7zip and many more popular (and not so popular!) archive file formats.

Stuffed files can usually be identified by the .sit or.sitx extension at the end of theirfilenames. Safari, Firefox, InternetExplorer, and other Internet applications are able tounstuff and decode archives with the help of StuffIt Expander.

This content has been archived, and is no longer maintained by Indiana University. Information here may no longer be accurate, and links may no longer be available or reliable.

In Mac OS X, applications are often distributed asdisk images or GNU zipped tar files.However, in the classic Mac OS (i.e., 9.x and earlier),DOS and Unix archive and compression formatsaren't often used. Because of its dual-forked filestructure, Mac-specific formats have emerged instead. One inparticular, StuffIt, has become the de factostandard. With StuffIt, it is possible to compress files or compressand archive entire folder hierarchies into a single stuffed file.

Smith Micro has twoapplications for creating StuffIt archives: StuffIt Deluxe andDropStuff. StuffIt Deluxe is a more expensive commercialproduct with DropStuff built into the application. DropStuff is alsoavailable as part of the StuffIt Standard Edition suite of applications.

Stuffit archive manager mac serial

Using DropStuff

To create a StuffIt archive with DropStuff, select the icon or icons(folders or files) you want to archive and compress, and then drag theitem(s) to the DropStuff icon. Release the mouse button whenthe DropStuff icon darkens and DropStuff will automaticallyperform the compression, creating a single .sit filecontaining the compressed item(s).

By default, if you drop a single file onto DropStuff, it will create astuffed file with the same name, except it will have the.sit extension. Likewise, if you drop a single folder(regardless of its contents) onto the DropStuff icon, it willcreate a stuffed file (containing the compressed folder and all itscontents) with the same name as the folder, but with the.sit extension added. If you drop more than one file orfolder onto the DropStuff icon, it will create a file calledArchive.sit.

Alternately, instead of using drag and drop, double-click theDropStuff icon, and then from the File menu, selectStuff... A window opens that allows you toselect and add or remove folders and files to a new StuffIt archive.Once you've finished adding files you want to be stuffed, clickStuff. Then choose a name for the archive and save it.

Stuffit Deluxe For Mac

Using StuffIt Deluxe

Double-click the StuffIt Deluxe icon. From the Filemenu, select New... Choose a name for the stuffeddocument, and click New or Save.StuffIt Deluxe will launch a window that can be used like aFinder window. You can drag files and folders to the window,and they will be added to the archive. Likewise, dragging files orfolders from the window will remove them from the archive. You caneven double-click folders in the StuffIt window to modifytheir contents. Once you are finished, close the StuffIt window.


Stuffit Archive Manager Mac Free Download

If you wish to modify the contents of the archive later, just drag itsicon over the StuffIt Deluxe icon and a window with itscontents will open. Alternately, double-click the StuffItDeluxe icon, and from the File menu, selectOpen... In the dialog box, select the archive youwish to edit and click Open.

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