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Software uninstallers can save you a huge amount of time and effort, and some of the best are available to download completely free. While Windows comes with an 'Add or remove programs' option. Uninstallers use several techniques to decide which files to remove. If an application was installed using Apple’s Installer, the uninstaller might check for a receipt file (which lists all the. AppCleaner – free app uninstaller for Mac. FreeMacSoft developed one popular free app removers. IObit Uninstaller. Includes several ways to start an uninstall. Remove programs in bulk, one after.

When you install a software on Windows or Mac, a lot of processes get added automatically in the background. They run in the background to help the app run in front of you. However, when you uninstall a software from your computer, those files do not get removed automatically. They get stored in your computer. Those files can create problems as well as they can consume a lot of storage unnecessarily. Therefore, if you want to remove those leftovers, you can try using these software uninstallers for Windows and Mac. Some of them are available for free and some of them are paid. However, you can try them all (as a trial version).

Best Software Uninstallers for Windows and Mac

1] Revo Uninstaller (Windows)

Revo Uninstaller is available for Windows only and this is an all-in-one solution for you. No matter whether you want to remove Windows software or delete the leftovers, you can do that without any problem. The best thing is you can download the executable file as well as portable file. Both of them work as same and therefore, you should not find any issue using this tool. Revo Uninstaller comes with these following features:

  • Uninstall Windows apps
  • Remove browsers’ extensions
  • Scanning for leftovers after the standard uninstall
  • 8 additional cleaning tools included
  • forced uninstall
  • quick/multiple uninstall
  • extended scanning for leftovers
  • real-time monitoring of system changes & logs database
  • multi-level backup system

However, you cannot get all of them for free. The paid version costs you around $24.95. however, you can download the trial edition to check whether it is suitable for you or not.

2] IObit Uninstaller (Windows)

IObit Uninstaller is available for Windows and it is compatible with Windows XP and all the later version including Windows 10. You can download it for 32-bit machine as well as 64-bit machine. Like Revo Uninstaller, you can remove various browser plugins with the help of IObit Uninstaller for Windows. However, the FREE version doesn’t come with all the options. You need to opt for the PAID edition that costs you around $19.99 and this is a one-time purchase. IObit Uninstaller can let you delete all the leftovers without any problem. Talking about the user interface, you should not find any problem even when you are using it for the first time. The best thing is you can remove Windows 10 system apps with the help of this tool and for that you do not need to have an administrative account.

3] Geek Uninstaller (Windows)

Geek Uninstaller is available for Windows only and you do not have to spend a single dollar to get this app on your Windows computer. Like IObit Uninstaller, you can uninstall Windows 10 system apps or pre-installed apps with the help of this tool. You can download Geek Uninstaller for 32-bit machine as well as 64-bit machine. The user interface of Geek Uninstaller is pretty good as well as the features. Regarding features, you can delete leftovers, uninstall apps forcefully, etc. Apart from downloading the executable file, you can download the portable version as well.

4] Wise Program Uninstaller (Windows)

As mentioned earlier, you can download Wise Program Uninstaller for Windows computer. However, there is no portable version available and you need to happy with the executable file only. Nonetheless the number of functionalities will help you get this app for sure. It comes with forced uninstall option and it will let you uninstall a program if it is creating any problem during uninstallation. The best thing is you can get an option in the context menu. Therefore, you can uninstall any installed app right from the context menu.

5] App Cleaner & Uninstaller (Mac)

App Cleaner & Uninstaller is available Mac and this is available for free. However, you can also opt for the PAID version that comes with more features than free version. The FREE edition comes with these options:

  • Preview installed applications and extensions
  • Find out real disk space occupied by apps
  • Find all installed browser extensions and internet plugins
  • Preview all startup programs: login items, launch agents, system daemons
  • Disable apps from running at system startup
  • Add folders for applications and extensions search
  • Remove apps’ leftovers
  • Remove system extensions (PRO mode)
  • Drag & Drop unneeded applications for fast uninstalling

On the other hand, the PAID edition will provide these options and features:

  • Block banner ads
  • Remove system extensions
  • Remove executable part of apps, uninstall apps

The best thing is you can download it from Mac App Store.

6] AppCleaner (Mac)

AppCleaner is yet another free software uninstaller for Mac and you can download it for macOS 10.10 to 10.13. You do not have to worry about any leftover when you are using this tool on your Mac computer. The user interface is pretty good and it comes with a different process to uninstall an app. You need to drag and drop the app on AppCleaner interface. Following that, you will get the option to uninstall the app accordingly.

7] CCleaner (Mac)

CCleaner is available for Mac as well as Windows computer. However, you the Mac version of CCleaner is quite useful for the users and you do not have to worry about the browser cache, plugins/add-ons, system cache, and app leftovers since you can manage them all right from the CCleaner user interface. Talking about the user interface, it comes with a neat and clean UI that will let you manage all the installed apps. The best thing is you can get things done for free. However, not all the options are available for free and you need to opt for the PAID version that costs you around $24.95 and this is a one-time purchase.

That’s all! These are some of the best software uninstallers for Windows and Mac. Try them all one by one so that you can understand which is better for you.

It is not going to be a hectic one to uninstall programs on Mac OS X. Still, while deleting or uninstalling software, there might be some program-related files left undeleted. Unknowingly, these unwanted files occupy your hard drive space. Hence, I am writing this post with different ways to uninstall programs on Mac OS X without leaving any traces. You won’t see any control panel with ‘Uninstall Programs’ feature like in Windows OS. Still, it is dead easy to do so.

Different Ways To Uninstall Programs On Mac OS X

As a Mac user or beginner, do you have questions – how to uninstall programs on Mac OS X or how do I uninstall programs on Mac OS X completely? Don’t you feel your Mac gets lazy in loading and irritates you while doing urgent chores? It’s up to you to make it clean and refreshed to accompany your speed of working. Format the system uninstalling the storage-stealing unwanted programs and free your Mac.

Here are the various methods to delete or uninstall any software programs on Mac OS. Go with your convenient one.

#1 Uninstall Programs On Mac OS Manually

Manually, you can entirely delete or remove the programs on Mac OS X. Before that, I advise you to know about the Mac OS catalog system and file storage system. So, you can make sure that you are not deleting any other system files. If you have any specific app or program to uninstall, locate the app in the Applications folder. Open ‘Finder’ >> Applications >> click on the app that you want to uninstall.

For an instant, here I am about to uninstall XMind program from my Mac OS AirBook. Either you can drag and drop the app to the Trash (available at the Dock). Or right click on the app and select ‘Move to Trash’. That’s it. So simple isn’t it?

Uninstaller For Mac Os Catalina

If you aren’t accessing the Mac OS system in the admin role, then you will be asked for the admin login name and password to trash programs.

But it is not done to the whole. There might be some obsolete files that are hidden in the subfolders. Go to the ‘Library Folder’ via ‘Finder’. Using the Search function, look for the files and folders with the name of the uninstalled program. Here it is XMind, as we uninstalled it just now, manually.

Now, you may see some enclosing folders like LaunchAgents, Preferences, Application Support, Logs, Cookies, etc. Move all these files and folders to Trash. Finally, Empty the Trash.

If you didn’t find anything like above while searching in the Library Folder, then it is well and good. Since not all the programs would leave its support files. Still, I recommend you to check it once after uninstalling a program on Mac OS X.

If you still see the deleted program again starting out, then there might be some extensions left undeleted. Go to System (in your hard drive) >> Extensions Folder >> locate the files (with the name of the deleted program) that end with text. Send those files to Trash and Empty the Trash once again. Now, the program is uninstalled and its support files are deleted, completely.

#2 Uninstall Mac OS X Programs Using LaunchPad

LaunchPad is the Application Launcher or the interface area in the Mac, where you can see all your installed programs. Launch Pad will be your alternative way to start applications rather using Dock, Finder, Spotlight or Terminal.

App Uninstaller Mac

Click on F4 to open LaunchPad and locate the app which you want to delete or uninstall. Press the Option key and then click on ‘Delete’ to confirm deleting the selected program. At last, check for its support files if any left undeleted, then remove it as we did above.

#3 Uninstall Programs On Mac OS X With 3rd Party App Uninstallers

All the above things like uninstalling any Mac OS programs, or removing its obsolete support files or deleting extensions were done manually. If you are not ready to spend this much time and attention to do so, then there are much easier ideas. Plenty of third-party App Uninstallers for Mac is available which you can get it from iTunes.

Among which, here I am going to share only the two – but best app uninstalling apps for Mac OS.

AppCleaner – Best Free App Uninstaller For Mac

AppCleaner is a highly preferable free uninstall app for Mac available in the marketing. It is enough to just drag and drop the program which you want to uninstall into this AppCleaner. The tool will automatically search and lets you know its scattered files like preferences, caches, etc. Click on Remove to uninstall the program and get rid of all the supportive files, to trash. Empty the Trash, at last.

The great thing is that the AppCleaner tool is available for free. Just download it from iTunes and vanish the unnecessary Mac programs within no time.

CleanMyMac3 – Best Mac Uninstaller 2018

This tool is not only a leading app uninstaller for Mac. CleanMyMac3 is to clean up and optimize your entire Mac system. The tool will scans your system and removes loads of junk files, and makes your Mac system perform faster. It has plenty of built-in tools optimization tools like MacOS cleaner, malware removal, performance monitor, etc.

In its Uninstaller tool, simply select the programs which you want to uninstall. The tool will take the responsibility to uninstall the program and removing its entire obsolete files. It includes cookies, application support, preferences, etc.

#4 Uninstall Mac OS Programs With Native Uninstallers

Some applications will have its own uninstallers. Usually, these native uninstallers should be stored in the Application Folder. If the program that you want to uninstall has such native uninstaller, locate it via Finder. Then, launch it and follow the process steps as per the instructions. Since each one will have unique instructions and removal interface. For an instant, most of the Adobe products will have its native uninstallers like Adobe Flash Player Uninstaller.

There are chances to remove such native uninstallers by mistake. In those cases, you can check the developer’s page and download it to uninstall programs on Mac OS. Else, try any of the above methods to get rid of the app which we discussed above.

I recommend using efficient Mac cleaner apps like CleanMyMac X for the fastest and finest uninstalling apps & cleaning obsolete files.

Uninstaller For Mac Apps

Final Words About Uninstalling Apps On Mac OS X

Anyways, removing or uninstalling the app from Mac OS is not so complex. Even for Mac beginners, these methods to delete the unnecessary programs on Mac system would be dead-easy. Make sure that you are completely getting rid of all its support files and emptying the trash. How to convert pdf to word for free on mac. Though these support files don’t harm your system, it can occupy your hard drive space.

Mac Uninstall Programs

Why such unwanted files to be dumped in your storage space. Free it up and remove the unnecessary software to speed up your Mac performance.

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